Day 316: Work and Russian Parts

Today I started at 7:30ish, which is a bit early for a Saturday. I logged on and checked that the foobar at the shoe company was not worse and then went and took a shower and got ready for a long day of working from home on the weekend.

I connected with my co-workers and started-up the process again. We had to restructure about 50+ remaining software updates, configuration values, and fixes. This is then followed by pushing the changes to the target. We then examine the results and try to fix the failures. We got about 1/2 way by noon. I also have to do status updates. It was a busy online morning all on Zoom.

I had a registered package from Russia that I had to go to the post office to get. Not a place I want to visit in a pandemic! The line was very long and socially distanced, so I did not feel at risk. I chatted with the gal in front of me; she is a nurse and travels to the middle east. The mail folks went through the line and took any pick-up slips, like mine, and brought you the item. I had to sign for mine. I was late for returning to work as I picked up lunch for Susie and me. Chicken McNugget Happy Meal and a two cheeseburger meal. I always think of dad when I order his fav, McDonald’s regular cheeseburger.

Back to work. By 4PM, we had everything done and reported our finish to leadership. There are some follow-up items, but the emergency is over.

I took a nap and read a space opera book: The Consuming Fire. The book is a typical middle book. It is not quite as interesting as the first book; it moves multiple stories to the concluding book. It is still fun.

I finally got started again around 5:30ish and made angel hair pasta with meat sauce and heated up some fresh garlic bread I bought in Safeway yesterday. I got the Paul Newman sauce from a jar hot on the stove while browning the ground beef in a large frypan. I then take the sauce off the heat and the meat off the heat. Once a bit cooler, I pour the sauce into the frypan (low-fat ground beef is used). It should not explode and just lightly boil as it hits the hot pan. I stir it all together and let it settle on low. I heat water and make the pasta. I plate it by putting the pasta in a bowl, cover it with the now chunky sauce and small slices of garlic bread, browned well from being in the 350F oven for a while.

It makes a nice dinner.

Turning back to the package from Russia. It is a gaming board to use with the board game Terraforming Mars. This is the 4th best game according to the BoardGameGeek website. It is also hard to learn without help, and the game components in the base game are a letdown. The cheap paper board makes the game almost unplayable. Most players buy some upgraded third-party components once they decide the like the game. I finally order replacement boards from GameFit. I did not know they, GameFit, were in Russia at first, and I did wait about eight-weeks for the parts, but they are perfect.

GameFit is based in a former Soviet Military city. This is one of the new industries in this Siberian city. I decided to try them out and was unhappy when the package vanished between Russia and the USA. GameFit got a tracking number, and it finally was delivered today, eight-weeks to the day.

I find Terraforming Mars a bit of a time-sink; it should be faster. Many folks love the game. I am still on the fence.

The new board really looks nice. I might color it a bit later.

I played a one-person game today with the new board from Russia. I lost track of time and had a very interesting immersive time terraforming. The board prevented messing-up my board, and the wooden board kept everything organized. I found myself planning my work than pushing cubes around and wondering if I had picked the right one. The board helped and improve the immersion.

I have just the base game. I did enjoy playing. I will reset and play again tonight. I am delighted with my new toys!

11,150 people received vaccinations yesterday in Oregon. The number will likely increase as it takes 72 hours for all the data to be received.

3,427 people in the USA died from Covid-19 today.

I went with a video I loved: We’ll Understand It Better By and By.

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