Day 317: Sunday. Oh my.

I started this morning with the alarm at 7. I ignored it. I finally got going about 8ish. I checked, and new foobar had not happened at the shoe company, and my coworkers were cleaning up some of the problems. I updated the status that we were still fine. I did that again at 3PM and said that it was the last update today. I did check emails and status all day.

This will be a short update as I spent the day watching and waiting. I finished a book.

Susie was up late in the morning and watched ice skating. While she was watching skating, I met Mariah for a drink, I really needed one, at the Golden Valley Brewery. It is 38F, and in Covid-19 world, it is metal tables, outdoors, socially distanced, and everyone masked. I put a blanket on the chair. I gave the blanket to Mariah when she arrived (my chair was warmed-up). I had a Spanish Coffee and a cup of warm water (yes, just to help stay warm). Mariah had the same drink. We ordered veggie nachos. We chatted in the cold and ate and ordered another hot drink. I had a coffee with a shot of Amaretto. Mariah had a Hot Orange Toddy. We enjoyed the peace of being somewhere else in the rain and cold of Oregon.

After I drove home, I played another game of Terraforming Mars today. I played the EcoLine Corporation solo and played to the 37th generation (solo games start at 20). I found the game immersive and interesting.

I also made dinner while I played. I baked potatoes and made filets for Corwin and Susie. These are from Schwann’s, and I let them defrost a bit. I fried the still-frozen steaks in a small frypan with butter. I salted them. I got them a bit browned. I then put the whole pan in the oven for six minutes. I flip them over (not touching the burning hot pan’s handle) in the over and cook for six minutes more. If you want them more done, it is longer. These were medium-rare to rare. I find filets steaks hard to not burn to a cinder on a grill, so I cook them this way sometimes. These were small but good.

I pull the pan and put a hot mitt on the handle!

I had just the potato with butter and the works as I had nachos. Susie and Corwin liked the steak and potatoes.

I finished the middle book of the space opera, and I was surprised how good the middle book finished: The Consuming Fire. I have the signed copy of the last book; it was ding-and-dent from Subterranean. Press. I had started the last book first, liked it, and so ordered the first two on my kindle. I am now returning to that final book.

I did not finish the board game as it is getting late. I have to put it away as I have to work a nearly non-stop day tomorrow. I have one system in production for two weeks, one that went live today, and a first-time install and testing for the software to go-live in October dark and in use in January 2022. Yes, I am testing and installing stuff for 2022–that install took much of Saturday.

Susie is walking better and more awake. She forgets she can’t walk once or twice a day. I find her in the kitchen, or the bedroom with the walker left somewhere. I think she is getting better.

11,243 people were vaccinated in Oregon yesterday. The numbers will likely increase as the data takes 72 hours to be complete. Here in Washington County, we are just under five percent vaccinated rate.

1,844 people died today in the USA from the virus.

I went with Soweto Gospel Choir – Amazing Grace to remember all we lost today and the hope we have as the vaccine is received.


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