Day 318: Monday Happened

Working backward this time. I am finishing The Last Emperox. I have loved this final book, and I am sad about the ending, but it works. I am a bit late writing as I wanted to get past the excitement of the main story’s resolution. I recommend the series.

I got a call from work, and, as there is no rest for the wicked, I have more work and a new problem to solve. I will start on that on Tuesday.

We picked up Chinese food from Taste of Sichuan. I was too tired after this weekend to cook another dinner today. Susie, Corwin, and I each picked something. We watched the news while we ate. I was catching up on what was happening.

Seven hours of Zoom calls, most status, was today. I made a salad for lunch and walked for 1/2 an hour today. I was a bit unsteady today and tired.

I received a lot of thanks today for working through the issues with my teams over the weekend. We will still working on some corrections today and the next couple of days, but the basic work was finished yesterday. Everyone seems happy.

This will be a short story today. I am tired. Today I had a few cookies. I eat one maybe once in six months. Today I had three!

6,182 people were vaccinated in Oregon on Sunday. The number will likely increase as the data takes as long as 72 hours to be collected. Washington County, where we live, is now at about 5% vaccinated.

1,897 people died of Covid-19 today in the USA.

I went with Now The Slience–Methodist Hymnal #619.

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