Day 319: Covid-19 Test!

Susie has a Covid-19 test sometime tomorrow. We will be called to schedule a drive-thru test in the early morning. Susie may have asymptotic Covid-19. We will know in 24-hours or less if we have Covid-19.

Susie this morning developed symptoms that include a 101F fever, thirst, and exhaustion. These are atypical for Covid-19. I stopped working, canceled Susie’s physical therapy, and then spoke to the nurse, and later we spoke to our doctor.

Returning to the start, I slept into 7ish this morning and started with the first status meeting at 7:30. I did everything in a rush this morning to sneak in that extra 60 mins of rest. India is on Holiday today, Republic Day, and so the 7 was canceled.

I had non-stop meetings, some double-booked, until ten. While listening to the meetings, I uploaded my W-2 into Turbo Tax. I am getting my documents together and will likely finish my taxes in a few weeks. I suspect I will owe much this year.

I slipped in making a bagel and making coffee, of course, during all the meetings. I also had soup, beef veggie from a can, toast, and salad for lunch.

I then went for a walk and made lunch. I discovered Susie was ill at near noon when she was not up yet.

I spent the rest of the day talking to medical people and caring for Susie. The Tylenol I gave Susie, suggested by the nurse, seemed to bring the fever down. I checked Susie non-stop for hours. I lay down next to her, slept for 30 minutes, and then awoke and took Susie’s temperature. I have a touchless electronic device I ordered from Amazon for just this case.

I did manage to walk out into the heavy flakes of snow we had today. We had a light wet dusting today. It was fun to see the snow today.

Zeriada sent over soup and dinner. I made that for Susie after she was up. Susie’s fever is gone. It is unlikely then to be Covid-19.

We watched the animated movie Coco on Disney+ while eating. It is an excellent movie. It did make me cry, but those emotions were likely related to the events of the day.

I am reading Caste: The Origin of our Discontents. This was recommended by Jack Cone, and so far, I would recommend it. I am reading the Kindle version. It main discussion that race is actually a caste problem. It also points out that it is our country and, therefore, our problem to solve. I believe the author may be right, and I am enjoying learning this new viewpoint.

10,178 people were vaccinated today in Oregon. These numbers are updated for 72 hours, and it is likely the number will increase. More than 5% of our county, Washinton, is vaccinated.

4,045 people died today in the USA from the virus. This number suggests this will be the worst week in history for the USA, I am sorry to report.

I picked no hymn today, but I picked one of my favorite songs: Breathe (2AM).

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