Day 320: Holocaust Day 2021

I had the phones ready for me. We were waiting for the scheduling of Susie’s Covid-19 test. Susie had a moderate fever yesterday, and they want to ensure that this is not asymptomatic Covid-19. We would be called this morning to arrange for the testing. I was up at 6ish as I had a 7AM meeting with the data migration team.

I managed to be on time and made breakfast, a bagel plus a banana, while the meeting went on. I think I drank half the pot of coffee by nine! I am feeling exhausted of late.

We got the call at about 9:15ish, and I dropped from another Zoom call and rallied Susie. We had to be in North West Portland at 10:55. So I got her going, and we were off a few minutes behind my plan, but Air Volvo delivered us early to Portland.

I used the nav in the car. I do no use the phone for this, and it got to the exact spot. I do have to update Air Volvo Nav once in a while for this to work better than a phone’s maps.

I forgot to get gas for Air Volvo. While we had 15 minutes, we found a gas station and filled up Air Volvo.

We then headed over, and Susie got the longest swab on the planet, at least that is what it looked like from her perspective, and she did not enjoy the process.

We will get results in 24-72 hours. I am logging on to Susie’s account with Legacy Medical to check about every few hours. So far, no results.

All the still surviving food places have tents to serve outside. There are also cocktails to go. We resisted that as we are being tested and need to lockdown.

I attended two more work Zoom status meetings after we stopped Burger King and got whoppers with cheese for lunch.

Being very tired, I rested and finally slept about an hour or so. We try not to be frightened by the prospect of facing the infection of Covid-19. It is hard not to be worried.

I ordered a ham and pineapple pizza thin crust for dinner (Susie’s fav) and a salad. We ate that while watching the news on PBS. Susie is feeling fine.

We saw that today is Holocaust Day on the news. People are alone today instead of meeting for this sad day. I wanted to call it out. Susie used to work at the Hebrew Home in Rockville, Maryland and many of her clients were survivors of the camps. It is important to remember.

I went back to writing my Dungeons and Dragons adventure re-write. I got a few more pages done. I am still working out the layout. I am also looking at the rules for using the open license (SRD5 for those who know these things) for this kind of writing. I have published Dungeons and Dragons adventures before (i.e., on Amazon Finding a Broken Sword), and it is all coming back to me.

I will try to get some rest and make it through the usual hectic that is my Thursday on Zoom for Nike.

We believe that we are part of Group 3 of Phase 1B in Washington County, Oregon. We should get our vaccine sometime after Valentine’s Day. The rather obscure rules are here in this hard to find website:

10,942 people were vaccinated yesterday in Oregon. The final count is revised for 72 hours, so this number is low. We have over 5% of people vaccinated in our county: Washington.

3,912 people passed away from Covid-19 today in the USA.

I went with a hymn I could sing, and I love Johnny Cash’s version, In The Garden–Methodist Hymnal #314.

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