Day 321: No Covid-19

Susie’s report came back about 27 hours later, and we learned that she had no signs of Covid-19. We knew it was unlikely that she was infected, but we still were worried. We ordered KFC for dinner to celebrate, and I have been writing while she reads from her Kindle.

My allergies are acting up, so I took some meds for that, and now I am extra sleepy. This will be short today.

I started the day at 6ish as usual for a Thursday, the messiest day of the week for me. I am double booked for much of the day in what seems like endless Zoom meetings. I listened and tried to help with any crises of the moment. It was mostly status meeting and listening to debates on how to load code, data, or configuration corrections today. I was distracted by checking on Susie and looking for test results on the Legacy Medical website.

I managed a short walk today. The crows were very loud, and I watched them drop snails from the phone lines and the now broken out snail. I have watched them drop them on cars. I think they laugh a lot.

I am careful at the crosswalks now. Yesterday a car waited for me at the 209th intersection at Reedville School, and the very impatient driver in the sporty car behind him suddenly swung around and tried to make a sudden right turn over me. I did resist anything thing inappropriate, but I did dip my hat at the driver who stopped.

We did not get the results until about 3ish. I finished my last meeting at 4ish and kept up on email until 5ish.

My old boss at Nike, Jimmy, reads the blog, and he was wondering if it was made into a movie; who do I see playing me. I like Danny DeVito’s friendly version from the movie Other People’s Money. Here is the intro I like so much: Other People’s Money Intro. Danny DeVito plays a corporate raider, but he is not evil or even dark. He also loves donuts.

Just a tranquil day with perfect results!

12,292 people received a vaccination in Oregon yesterday. The number will likely be revised up as more data will come in over 72 hours. Our county, Washington, has a 5.7% vaccinated so far.

3,908 people died from the virus today in the USA.

I went with my most fav hymn, This is My Song. This is a new 2020 version.


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