Day 322: Friday Busy

The morning was a bit rushed as I had a meeting at 7AM. I started at 6ish and made coffee and got through some email and checked there was nothing I needed to do right then. I rushed getting ready and was ready just in time to get toast and breakfast as I started non-stop Zoom calls for two hours.

I had a break at 9. I had to handle Susie’s Physical Therapy appointment. I called to have it today and was told it was not booked for two. I left a message with Clare as we were expecting her.

I then ordered groceries from as we are starting to get a bit short, even toilet paper. I put in an order to have groceries delivered this early evening. It was three dollars cheaper.

I went for a walk. Today I managed to walk the full length of my usual walk. It is a thirty-minute walk. I was called by PT while walking. Clare is ill, so no PT today.

I noticed a lovely stream I walk by every time I make it all the way. It was time to share that.

I also noticed during my walk that the crows were not out during my walk this morning. Like me, I imagined they had status meetings and agile-style stand-up (fly-up?) meetings (or is that a murder).

I made a roast beef and cheddar sandwich for lunch. When Susie was up a little later, I got her some Eggo Waffles with peanut butter.

I started my new assignment today. I signed back into my old systems to do a bit of research. The assignment is to explain what the source is for some of the data sent from the Nike main accounting system to the data intelligence systems and planning systems. This main system is my former system, and I have to admit that I enjoy looking into it and helping someone use it, even if that is to replace my old software. Unlike most things built in this world, computer software needs to be replaced and destroyed. There should be no antique accounting systems in this world, and while my old system is not failing, it is time for it to go.

I was able to track down the source of the data for the “unknown” item and have another meeting on Monday to clarify my findings.

Mariah texted me if I wanted to have a late dinner. I have groceries coming from Safeway, I could not leave, and I offered to cook pork chops for all of us. That worked for Mariah.

I got out some frozen chops from Schwann’s and ran water over them to defrost them. I put potatoes in the oven—green beans, Schwann’s, with butter and almonds.

The potatoes ended up being finished in the microwave, and the bean’s microwave bag broke open from the bottom (!?) and dumped steaming water on the floor. I managed to get the beans in the pan with butter, almond slivers, butter, and salt without a mess. I was missed by the hot water.

Turning to the main dish, I first cook the chops in a pan on the stove in butter and olive oil. I sprinkle with good salt and generic Italian seasons. I fry and season both sides and flip often. Once about 1/2 done, I put the whole pan in the oven at 350F and cook five-six minutes on each side.

After pulling the pan from the over, I put a mitt on the handle. I take them out of the pan and make a pan gravy by adding butter and cream to the pan and stir up all the bits. I then add water and corn starch to give it some thickening. Usually, a little more water is needed to thin it out.

Note: I put an oven mitt over the handle of the pan as it is burning hot. Forget the mitt, and pain will come when you grab the pan’s handle, burning pain.

Slice up the chop and spoon the gravy over the pork.

We watched the end of the news and an old Top Gear episode. Mariah had not seen the crazy show before.

It not a bad evening.

15,811 people were vaccinated in Oregon yesterday. This number will increase as it takes 72 hours to get all the information. Our county, Washington, is just short of 6% vaccinated.

3,652 people died today in the USA from the virus. The death rate is showing signs of finally slowing.

I picked On Eagle’s Wings for today. I like this 2020 version.


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