Day 323: Saturday Mix

Working backward tonight, I was just looking at the legal decisions that allowed separate but equal facilities. I was unhappy to learn that the original decision has never been formally overturned. This is the unimaginable Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) decision that allowed segregation to continue into 1999 (Topeka schools were not desegregated until 1999).

I am reading Caste: The Origin of our Discontents on my Kindle; that is where I was reminded about Plessy v. Ferguson (1896). I am learning and re-learning some of the ideas that I studied years ago. Jack Cone recommended this book, and, while painful, it is a good book to explain how we are the way we are. The main concept is the idea of caste and not race is the real origin of the problem.

Before reading more Caste: The Origin of our Discontents, I made dinner for Susie. I made her a grilled cheese, cooked in butter, with cheddar cheese. I opened a can of peaches and put that in a bowl with the sandwich, cut into fourths. She was pleased with that for dinner.

I had leftover Chinese food. Corwin found the lasagna leftovers.

This later afternoon, still going backward, Evan came over, and I managed to lose a very close game of Vindication to him. I thought I had him, but he slipped just past me. Vindication is a friendly competitive board game where you try to make yourself better and earn honor points for getting better. You explore an island finding all sorts of interesting resources you can use to better yourself. For the second time in a row, the winner, Evan, is the most efficient player at winning honor points. The board game is a fav and was designed here in the Pacific Northwest, and I was even involved in the game’s playtesting.

Vindication has new content that is on-the-way. I am hoping to play the revised game soon. Someday it will be delivered. Someday.

We were pressed for time, now moving forward in time (I hope you, dear reader, are not getting whipsawed too much), we played the board game Pandemic Cthulhu; it plays fast. The theme for the game is set in the 1920s in H.P. Lovecraft’s horror stories, and you are trying to save the world from mad cultists. It is a cooperative game, all the players versus the game itself, where you try to stop the game system from ending the game on you. This is one example of a whole family of Pandemic games, even a version to stop Rome from falling, and all contain a mechanism that creates cascading failures. These games can get a bit stressful! And we played a longish game and made it to the absolute last moment, and then we were hit by cascading failures that brought forth Cthulhu and ending the world and reality and the game; we lost.

My copy of the game has painted figures–I painted them–and some add-on bling to make it more immersive. I have little plastic brains to represent your sanity, for example. I also have blue transparent disks to show a gate closed. The picture also shows the mini-cultists that come with the game. I stained mine, so they look more 3D and well sinister.

I recommend Pandemic-styled board games.

Before and even after Evan left, I am working on my new big writing project. I am revising one of my oldest adventures for Dungeons and Dragons, written in 2004, into the newest version of D&D, 5E, and plan to publish it this summer. I have managed to get it all formatted and even have added some art (all licensed to be used if ownership is sited). It is 25,000+ words and needs work. I have not written much for 5E, and so I have to relearn Dungeons and Dragons again as some key rules have been dropped in 5E (It is so much better!). This is for actual money, but we will see how it goes.

Returning to late morning and early noon, Mariah and I met at Bethany Public House. This is outside dining. We sat in an open tent with a heater, and nobody close. Masks and cleaning were strictly followed. They even had mini-greenhouses with a small table for two locked inside. Mariah thought that sort of missed the point, so we sat in the open tent with lots of air movement. I had a red ale, the first one I think I have had in a year, and a Rueben sandwich. I got a teriyaki burger for Susie with no veggies to go. Susie loved it. Mariah had a beer and a burger.

Mariah and I talked about writing and various items, and then we headed out separate ways. We just wanted to sit outside and eat and have a drink.

I was back online and helping this morning with some issues at the shoe company. I helped resolve some outstanding issues. I was watching email all day and tonight for any new issues that they needed my help with. So far, no.

I started at about 7:30.

19,865 people in Oregon were vaccinated yesterday. This is the highest week so far for inoculations. Our county, Washington, has reached more than 6.2% vaccinated. The number may even get better as it takes 72 hours to get all the data in.

While the vaccination data is good, the USA lost 2,889 people to the virus today. The death rate appears to be going down, finally!

I went with this video as the rain and dampness appealed to my Oregon view of the world: Sing Hallelujah To The Lord.


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