Day 324: Quiet Sunday

I slept in today. I was going about 9ish today. I stayed up late making cornbread muffins and writing.

Susan’s mother, Leta, called and reminded us that ice skating was on TV. Susie got started and watched the skating all morning. We both munched on cornbread and drank coffee.

I wrote on and off all day. I am re-writing an adventure I wrote for Dungeons and Dragons back in 2004. I am revising it for publication and to the new version of D&D called 5E.

Susie read her book all day.

I needed to get outside, so I went for a walk after driving to the close by city of Hillsboro. Hillsboro sits at the end of the MAX line, our light rail that goes to Portland, and even out to PDX, our international airport. I was masked and with gloves and a coat and my hat, an Indiana Jones hat. I walked from the business section to the courthouse; Hillsboro is the Washington county seat. I then walked back to the car. I managed to resist the coffee shop and the hobby store. Most stores were closed for Sunday. Many, including the US Bank branch, are gone with for rent signs.

The courthouse is a fav walk as there are full-sized redwoods there. There is even a sign that tells you who planted them and when. I love to look at them. You can see them for miles, but they look like other trees until you see how tall the trees are and how wide the trunks are!

They are ten stories tall!

The courthouse has that crazy federal period look for such a small building. The lions on the roofline have no connection to Oregon!

I drove over to the gaming store, locally owned; I had not been there in months. I stopped my shopping when the Covid-19 rate exploded. This is the Rune and Board just off of the Max line. I talked to the owner, and he said the store was doing well and that, despite everything, 2020 was a good year for sales. We talked about some games that have come out and one I bought from him. He found a unique figure for me on their discount pile from 2020. It is a pile of toilet paper with a face full of teeth. In D&D, we have a mimic monster, called a mockingbeast on this figure to avoid the copyright, that changes its shape to look like a treasure chest. In 2020, the figure’s treasure was an unguarded pile of TP! I will paint it to remember 2020, the year with no gaming!

I also picked up a new game, it was a smaller one and not very expensive, The King Is Dead, 2nd Edition. I watched an excellent video on this game; they loved it. It is fast and simple. I wanted to support my local game company, and so I picked up something I always wanted. I purchased Brass: Lancashire from the same store a few months ago. The owner always has something I want! I look forward to learning The King Is Dead board game.

I stopped by Safeway and picked up makings for chili that Susie did not like. I made something extra for her. Looks like I will be freezing it and eating it for lunch alone.

I forgot in yesterday’s story that Evan and I tried out the battleship figures and started WW2 Bismarck’s duel versus the Hood. We only got a few rounds in, already the British battleship Prince of Wales was on fire, and guns not working! Lucky for me, Evan had a dinner engagement that saved the POW and the Hood! Yes, the Bismarck steamed off to get Sushi.

It is fun to get out the painted figures of these famous WW2 ships. I need to work out some better rules. I am freely mixing rules I purchased and the use of figures. The scale is not quite right, but with battleships, the ranges are so huge you could be playing in the living room and having the shells falling in the garage if you use truer scales. It is thus necessary to push everything together.

12,366 people were vaccinated yesterday, a new record for a Saturday in Oregon. This number will likely go up as it takes 72 hours to get all the data. It will likely be another two weeks before the state will include Susie and me on the list to be vaccinated. Oregon’s plan, not without controversy, is to vaccinated teachers before medically fragile people and their caregivers.

1,886 people died today in the USA from the virus.

I thought some Bach would be great, Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring.

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