Day 325: Back to Monday

As usual, Monday morning at 6ish seemed to get here too soon. I was asleep about midnight. I had a request from work, and so I finished that about 11:30PM Sunday night. I fell asleep unusually fast, so it was a little easier Monday morning than my normal hard-to-fall-asleep Sunday-morning resulting in there-is-not-enough-coffee-for-today experience.

Work was a rush of requests and Zoom meetings. I handled email and some requests and then rushed to shower and dress, managing to not be late for my first meeting. The morning was Zoom meetings from 7 until 11. There were the usual suspects of some crises of the moment and lots of status reports like most Mondays. There were lots of action during the weekend; I worked Saturday morning and followed along on Sunday. Thus today’s status reports were actual useful information (status reports on Friday and Monday when there is no work on a weekend are usually exactly the same).

Monday is Susie’s day with Zerida for hair, nails, toes, and so on. I rallied Susie at 8:30, the last possible minute, and she ready for her driver at 9ish. Susie returned about 2PM with a Chicken McNugget Happy Meal, her fav.

I managed to get a walk at 11ish but just a short one. It is very wet today. My coat was quite wet when I got home.

I reheated quiche from the weekend. I made it on Sunday, and it is good reheated.

I had more status and more requests after breaking for lunch. I have Roll20 today, so I spent lunchtime reading the adventure text I was hosting this evening. I had read it a month ago, but I needed to refresh my memory. The players were headed into the minotaur den in the online Dungeons and Dragons adventure. The two hours of play would likely be unrelenting combat in the maze of the Mad Mage.

In my reading, I saw that the 5E version of the minotaur would be a push-over for the players. But there were lots of them. So it looks like an interesting night coming up at 6:30.

I had a few more Zoom meetings in the afternoon. I met with a new group that I am helping to understand some of the data. This is my newest task.

I finally finished about 4ish and read and relaxed a bit.

I grilled some hamburgers and added cheese. These are frozen, and that stops me from burning the burgers! I cannot get them right unless they are frozen. I added cheese to the burgers and some water to the hot pan and cover it to let the steam do the rest of the cooking. I opened a can of baked beans and warmed them in a pan. Dinner was ready. I have the game at 6:30; I need to rush.

I read more of the text. We have everyone on time, and we get going. Minotaurs attack, and the small squad is quickly wiped out–yup, pushovers. The adventurers explore the maze and discover the minotaurs’ unholy temple where the chanting beasts are trying to raise some horrific power. The players decide they can take’em and attack the temple with surprise. Three lighting bolts destroy four minotaurs before they even get to react. Another falls from weapon attacks.

The minotaur leader blows his magical horn, and ten berserkers in minotaur form are summoned and join the battle against the adventures.

The battle consumes the remaining gaming time; we get about two hours a week on Monday: 6:30-8:30 PST. The minotaurs and summoned berserkers are just overwhelmed by the blasting and weapon attacks. But, the temple is full of evil power, and the paladin and druid are having too good of a time. The evil energy has filled them with blood lust. They are no longer believe their fellow adventures are on their side and actually believe they should kill them too!

The druid releases a lightning bolt on his fellow adventures. The paladin, lucky for his fellow adventurers, is surrounded by berserkers who cheer on the now insane paladin to kill them and kill everything! “You understand now,” they say to him.

The cleric and dwarf casts a major heal spell on the paladin and cures him of his madness before he starts trying to kill his friends. The paladin then heals the blood-lusting druid before he can act and cause more blasting of his allies.

The evening ends with the characters searching for treasure, finding some, and sanctifying the area with a barbeque (!).

That is about it for today. Susie read her book while I played on Roll20.

The mail contained mostly tax items.

10,208 people received the vaccine yesterday in Oregon. The number will likely increase as it takes 72 hours to get all the data. Just short of 7% of the people in our county, Washington, have been vaccinated as of Sunday.

1,904 people died from Covid-19 today in the USA.

I do not know this one, Morning Glory, Starlit Sky–Methodist Hymnal #194.




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