Day 327: Wednesday Longish

Wednesday started as most of my workday at 6ish, but I decided to take that extra 15 minutes. So I made coffee, read emails, looked at the daily news, and then hurried to the shower and dressing to make the 7ish meeting. This was the All-Employee Monthly meeting. I will not share most of the content here, but it was much better done this time and only overran by ten minutes with the CEO telling us to stay for the finish. It was not bad after that status meetings started again and some small reviews. I also got a few emergency requests today. So it was a rushing day.

I took a short walk today. I am stiff, and my legs have some pain. I might have overdone it or slept funny last night. I took it easy today.

I decided to order out for lunch from Ma-Now, Mussaman Curry. I was having more breathing issues, so I wanted something nice. Thai food always seems to make me feel better, and breathing gets easier from the spices.

I started looking at how to do change control processes on a new platform for Nike. I was mostly reading and talking to folks about how to set up the processes. I will have to code some of it too in a programming language called Groovy. I spent the afternoon reading and getting ready for this work.

We had a problem when Susie decided that it was the Publishing Clearing House prize team on the phone. They had us drive to meet people. It was obviously a con when they asked for us to pay them $300 tax for Oregon on the prizes. It at least got Susie a nice drive.

We picked up KFC on the way back to the house.

Mariah came over to visit and chatted with Susie while I had some more meetings on data conversions. Masks on.

Mariah and I dueled over Jeopardy while enjoying KFC. Mariah got almost every answer in the first round. I managed to get some of the high-value obscure ones right in double Jeopardy. I also knew the final answer about French kings; I remembered the “Sun King” and got the answer. We did OK.

Wheel of Fortune was a total fail for me. Not my kind of game, letter games. Mariah was also having some trouble. We had the chocolate cake from KFC during Wheel of Fortune. We will need more practice!

I rarely do TV, and Susie is usually watching Mash. It was nice to watch Jeopardy today.

I had another meeting tonight, still ongoing, as we try to start the data conversions. I am writing this while we have Zoom on, hoping to get a fix for an issue so we can finish tonight.

While I write this, there was a thump; Susie fell. Somehow she leaned too far over to get her coat and just kept going. Being an ice skater, she landed between her bike and the chair next to it. Perfectly safe and only need to be helped up.

A crazy day!

12,167 people were vaccinated in Oregon yesterday. This number will be revised upward as it takes 72 hours for the data to be collected. Our county, Washington, has reached 7.4% vaccinated.

3,999 people in the USA died today from Covid-19.

I picked I love To Tell The Story for today’s song.


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