Day 328: Longish Thursday

Today is crazy, and I am still online at work. This will be a short blog.

I stayed in bed until about 7ish. I was working until about 11PM-ish last night. I am online again at 10:45PM at work. We have some hard deadlines and lots of folks working late. I am on multiple teams with issues. I seem to be on early and late and all the times between 😉

I got up and was ready for my first meeting at 7:30ish. I had not brushed my hair well and got some comments on the Zoom meeting. But nobody was on video at 7:30!

I had about four hours of Zoom meetings until I got a break.

I managed a short walk today between Zoom meetings. I made a sandwich, cold roast beef and cheddar cheese, that I ate while in Zoom meetings. Susie was up early, and I got her breakfast while having non-stop Zoom calls.

The rest of the day was a rush of status meetings and crises. We have hard deadlines, and data conversions are going a bit side-ways. I was needed to help here and there. I was in a meeting all later afternoon into the evening—all Zoom. I was called in as the “wizard” for performance fixes.

In the mail, Mom Wild sent Susie a penguin stuffed animal. The purchase of the stuffed animal supports penguins in the wild. Susie has been tired and a bit down. She really brightened up when she saw the penguin! It is nearly full-sized!

I made chicken soup from a can and Kraft Delux mac and cheese. I also cooked up some bacon to dressing up the food for dinner. Everything is better with bacon!

I actually did the dishes with folks online with the mic turned off. They could see me watching a pan and filling the dishwasher while we worked on the problems.

So a very crazy day today.

11,516 people were vaccinated yesterday in Oregon. These numbers should increase as it takes 72 hours to get all the data. Our county, Washington, is at 7.6% vaccinated.

3,523 people in the USA lost their lives to the virus today.

I went with the hymn I turned to when I opened the Methodist Hymnal, It Is Well With My Soul.

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