Day 329: Long day

My first meeting is at 6ish, and so I was in my robe talking to folks on Zoom, no video, seeing how the data conversions were running.

I left the Zoom meeting once we started another run to get ready and dressed. The day is hard to remember as I was tired, and we were trying to run the data conversions in various ways and settings.

I also had a caregiving moment for Susie. Had to stop what I was doing and care for her and do some housework. Everything is good now.

So then the status meeting happened non-stop while trying to do the work. I will not repeat the work unhappy story. We are working all weekend now to try to get some of the work done.

I put together a larger breakfast today, European style; I had cheese slices and ham with toast. I thought it might be a bit crazy, and I worked late before, so I knew I should do more than fruit and toast. Lunch today was just yogurt.

Susie was dressed and ready, but I spaced that 10AM was physical therapy with Michelle and a reassessment. Susie was just resting, and we were able to rally in just a few minutes. The decision was that Susie showed real measurable progress and still had some items to work on. Insurance will let me pay the whole amount until we hit my out-of-pocket maximum. I have an account of money put aside before taxes to cover this. As the money is removed from my paycheck, I do not feel like I am actually paying it.

At about the same time, DHL, I did have to go into their website and accept non-contact delivery for each of the two packages, delivering a new board game. This is a Christmas present now getting done from Kickstarter. I have one for me and one to give away for a late Christmas present for Michelle Smith and her family.

Where Am I? is an Alice In Wonderland Tea Party themed guessing game. It was a big hit at the German gaming convention in 2019. The Kickstarter in 2020 was to manufacture the game after it was sold-out. The game comes with a little table, and a miniature china tea set made of china and is adorable. You play by putting dishes on a cardboard table in front of cardboard chairs. Each piece of china is so many victory points. You can instead put a character in the chair; whoever is that character gets the points. Lastly, you guess which player is which by how they set the table. For example, if you put Alice’s marker in a chair with lots of china, you are likely playing Alice. You get victory points for guessing right. You play a few rounds, and the highest score wins.

I am looking forward to playing this quick adorable game someday post Covid-19!

Work went on late. I did manage to break away to make dinner. Pork chops baked. I made orecchiette pasta (little ears) with bacon, capers, green beans, with Alfredo sauce (from a jar). I made more coffee. I am living pot-by-pot now. Susie thought dinner was good.

We watched PBS news for an hour while eating. I try to stop and spend time eating with Susie. We do not sit at a table but balance our plates while sitting in the living room. No food mishaps of late!

Back to work again at 9 tonight and again at 9 this coming morning. Tonight is the data conversion team. Tomorrow is data conversion of master data.

My haircut for Saturday was canceled. Zerida had some events and is recovering. We are happy to hear that she is doing OK, and I rescheduled my haircut until next Saturday.

I spoke to Evan, and he will likely come over and play some board games on Saturday.

12,897 were vaccinated yesterday in Oregon. This number will likely increase as the data takes 72 hours to be updated. In our county, Washington, the vaccination rate is 7.88%.

3,572 people in the USA are reported to have died from the virus today.

I Stand Amazed in the Presence is a hymn I think I have sung before.

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