Day 331: Super Bowl Sunday 2021

Today started at about 8:30ish. I was tired and wanted to sleep in just a bit. I have to admit I was dressed for work at 9 and turned off the camera for the meeting. It was a status meeting, and our weekend 37+ hour running job was finished. I had received no updates, so I logged on and looked at the job. I was told that they had fixed it about 6ish. I was happy they did not need me anymore and so went to work in the house.

I did all the dishes and cleaned the counters. Ants have again invaded the house. I will likely clean the ants soon from the inside with a mix of Boric Acid and honey. The bug people should be here next week, but I am tired of seeing them, and it is easy to commit insecticide! I also folded and put away a giant mound of laundry. I ran the cloth washer and dryer all morning, finishing up the remaining dirty laundry.

The main bathroom received a light go-over, and I vacuumed the carpet in the main areas. It is just that the messes have accumulated when I get these all-weekend and all-nighter assignments. Today was the first day I felt I could do some housework in a long time. It all looks better.

I also stood on a chair and pulled out a light fixture in the hallway. It is flashing, and when I tap it, the light seems to strobe. I thought the cause was a loose wire, but I could not find a wiring problem. I pulled it and ordered a replacement from Home Depot to be delivered. I could get one today, but I am willing to pay $5 shipping to avoid any Covid-19 challenges. I will install it once it is here on Wednesday.

I did take a break and watch the next episode of The Expanse. This is a SciFi show that I cannot recommend more. It also willing to kill off an important character, unlike other shows, and so there is a bit of stress as you watch the show. You do not know if it will be OK or not. I love space opera!

Mariah came over about 3ish. I had the food I ordered and picked-up from Golden Vallery Brewery. They had a sale for the Super Bowl. I had chips and stuff with meatballs, buffalo-meat, and pretzels bites with cheese sauce. I reheated it all.

I got to show off a bit. I got out my big bowls, trays, and plates from the plastic china I use at the house. I put the food on a small folding table in the living room.

I also had the wonderful pork roast from Schwann’s to bake. You must let it defrost before you cook it. It takes 100 minutes to cook. So I had it ready to go in the oven once the game started. The oven was still heated from the meatballs, etc. We had pork roast about 5ish, and that was about half-time.

One event that was a surprise, Mariah spilled her wine on the carpet; we had Intrinsic wine. I have a bottle of “Wine Away” spray, and it reacts with the chemistry of wine and turns it clear. A useful product if you like wine! You cannot see the spill on the carpet. The problem was gone in a few minutes. “Better living through chemistry!”

Mariah was visiting, and the food was our little Super Bowl party. My team won, but Kansan City, I think, has a better team. Tampa just put it better together, again, in my opinion.

Mariah left, and I had to be online for India’s morning, 8PM our time. I spent about 45 mins, but I am tired, and they did not need me, so I went and rested for a bit.

17,940 people received the Covid-19 vaccine in Oregon yesterday. The number will increase as it takes 72 hours to collect all the data. Our county, Washington, has reached just short of an 8.5% vaccination rate.

1,340 people died in the USA today from the virus. This is twice the rate on a Sunday of the summer numbers. From the numbers and charts available, we are still moving through a huge spike.

I like and can sing There’s a Song in the Air. I know it is a Christmas song, but nobody really wanted the Christmas season to end this year anyway.

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  1. The Expanse is also one of my favorites. I was surprised in the last episode to see one of the best characters gone (without a big boom). However, can’t wait for the next season..

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