Day 332: Another Monday

Today started too early at 6ish. My first Zoom meeting started at 7AM. So it took great fortitude to get up, make coffee, take my meds, and answer some emails.

I managed to be dressed and ready on time for the meeting. The status meeting was a bit long as it covered the weekend stuff too. I had endless Zoom status.

Susie had an 11AM appointment with Zerida, so I had her rallying at 10ish. I usually go for a walk at 10ish, but today I had to get Susie ready, and I had crises of the moment running simultaneously. I was able to escape for the walk.

I ordered bagels for lunch, including one Nova Lox bagel. I put most of the bagels in a bag and froze them. One bagel, frozen fresh, a morning! Einstein Brothers Bagels are always good, and DoorDash delivered without issues.

I have Dungeons and Dragons tonight, so I spent part of lunch while enjoying my bagel, reading, and preparing for the game at 6:30 today.

Work continued. I managed to get some help on a few items and managed to complete a few tasks. I am setting up automated processes for the new software development we are doing.

I finally finished the day around 4:15ish feeling really tired. I rested a bit. Susie returned about 3ish. She had her fav for lunch, McDonald’s Chicken McNugget Happy Meal, and then took a nap too.

I made dinner of fried cheeseburgers.

I started the Roll20 game of online Dungeons and Dragons at 6:30. One of the players was ill; we had four players tonight and me. The players decided to use a magical gate they found last time and try the deeper level. It has more danger and more reward. They were surprised that they met a mud creature that gave them a tour and introduced them to two different genies, one water, and one earth. Each genie sang a song and demanded the adventurers destroy an evil undead wizard on the next level and bring back his magical heart to the genie to free the genie. We had the words for the song; Bill and Matt sang it for us. Matt also found an official recording–our version was better. The adventurers agreed to bring the heart back after the earth genie “tested” them by having her allies attack them for a few moments. The adventurers are thinking of taking the treasure for both genies!

Before heading down to find this evil undead wizard, the adventures found a slightly wrecked astral ship in the complex. There they fought terrible monsters that at first appeared to be crew members. They were chaos creatures, they could change their shapes, and it was a tough longish battle. The adventurers managed to kill them, and there we ended the evening.

I went back to work at 9ish. I am writing the blog while in a Zoom meeting and listening to work. We are again running on India morning time to get some work done for our India team. We have a lot of items on the critical path for an important project.

10,515 people were given the vaccine yesterday in Oregon. These numbers will increase as it takes 72 hours to collect all the data.

1,489 people died in the USA today from the infection.

I did not know this song; I thought we will go with it tonight: O Morning Star, How Fair and Bright.


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