Day 334: PT on Wednesday

I slept into 7ish today. It was just too hard to get going a 6ish. I had woke up at 5ish and then woke every ten minutes for a while. So I rolled over and slept a bit.

Work was hours of status meetings with Zoom. I was also trying to work on some tasks, and the interruptions made it impossible to focus. I just did status meetings.

I managed a walk for the full-length today and found that someone had planted crocus at the little stream I stop at for my full walk. The stiffness is much better today, and my lungs are working better. Use it or lose it.

I broke-out of the endless status meetings. I am doing some coding and setting up environments to do software change control. I am writing Groovy code to control the process. I did all of this four or five years ago, so I spent much time today looking at what we did before and what my colleagues changed and improved.

Also, Susie had physical therapy today with Michelle. Susie could not get out of her chair well. The PT folks were surprised to see that Susie seems to have lost or forgotten all the training. They are working on her posture. I will help her exercise on Thursday–I will have to step out of a meeting to do that. We need Susie to find her groove again.

Back to work, I do not get to code often, so it is enjoyable to be back to typing in code. I managed to get the basics to run today. I am coding the basics and plan to run more complex stuff Friday–Thursday is unrelenting meetings scheduled, so the fun stuff will have to wait a day. I logged back on tonight to get even further as I knew I could not do much more on Thursday. I learned some new techniques today, and I can’t wait to try them out. Sorry techie love new stuff!

Dinner was just Susie and me. I made pan-fried pork chops. I got my new cast-iron pan today and wanted to try it out. It worked very well! The chops and the green beans I made were all Schwann’s food. I microwaved the beans, drained them, and cooked them a bit more in butter, almond slivers, butter, and salt. I made corn mush to go with it. I had never made it before. I pulled the chops from the pan and fried the corn mush, already cooked in a saucepan, in the pan.

Susie liked it, even the mush.

I am back to work tonight on India time again.

9,685 people were vaccinated yesterday in Oregon. This number will likely increase as it takes 72 hours for all the counts to get in. Our county, Washington, has reached 9.25% vaccinated.

3,432 people died today in the USA from the infection.

I picked a hymn I do not know: We Utter Our Cry. This is Methodist Hymnal #439 and was published in 1983 according to the hymnal.

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