Day 335: Thursday Snow

I started about 7ish. I rolled over at 6 as I was up late again on India time last night.

My four hours of non-stop Zoom meetings started. I was double-booked for some, so I would finish one and be late for another. Mostly the discussion was status. I did have a few technical discussions, which was a nice break from status meetings.

I slipped out for my morning walk for the long walk today. It was twenty minutes of walking as fast as I can without breaking into a run. It was cold and very damp as the snow was not here yet; it was raining. I feel better, but I did have asthma issues this afternoon that required me to use my inhaler. I am trying to keep my breathing from getting worse by walking. Use it or lose it!

Susie was up a bit early, so we went out to Burger King for lunch before the bad weather hits. We had burgers and ate them in the car in the parking lot. We watched the sleet get started.

I had more Zoom meetings. I then finally finished them and started coding. I am writing some install code and change control processes for new technology. I really miss coding, and so it is nice to get back to cutting some code.

I headed-out to Safeway. I usually avoid the grocery store now–the covid-19 rates are too high. I did not want deliveries in a snowstorm; I decided to put on my mask and practice my social distancing in our local store. I picked up quite a few items. I then used the self-service checkout. I think it took me twenty minutes as I kept making mistakes or the item needed an override, and so on. The staff person who was helping told me it gets easier with practice. I am not quite sure I want to get good at check-out.

I got home, checked email for any emergencies, and watch the sleet get heavier. I put out the trash and recycling. The cans were already icing up.

I started dinner, German-style goulash using pork, not beef. I make this once and a while. I cut up three large onions. I cried. I then did carrots, celery, and potatoes. I make it more like a stew. I spice it with ground caraway seeds and Hungarian Paprika. Tomato paste and some wine help to finish it. I then cook it in a pan on the stove for about 90 mins.

Before cooking

While that cooked, my church meeting started. We have an appointment at a bar once a month to talk about theology issues: Theology Pub. Now we meet on Zoom, and usually, folks have a beverage and sometimes food. We talked about the meaning of “Born Again” and how we had experienced this Christian movement.

I left the church meeting and started on India time morning meeting at 9ish. I was online for a short time, 45 mins., and then signed-off.

14,004 people were vaccinated yesterday. This number will likely increase as it takes 72 hours to collect all the information. Just under 9.5% of the people in our county, Washington, have been vaccinated.

3,068 people died from the virus today in the USA.

I went with Beta Yetu today as I found this nice version.



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