DAy 337: Saturday with Snow and Ice

I could not sleep in this morning. I think it was the breathing issues I sometimes have, but it could be just the stress of working every weekend for three weekends (and nights) still not letting go. I am being careful and using my inhaler.

It snowed on top of the ice last night. My haircut was canceled for 1:30, and Evan could not make it over to play games.

But, Knowledge Mavins met today at 10ish. We are using Discord now. Zoom is so corporate while Discord is so hacker! There were just three of us, but we have presented together for a few years and were happy to just chat. We decided to meet every month and to keep talking. If we can get an interesting hack done, we might call a presentation meeting.

I managed to play the automata for the board game Scythe last night. I stayed up to 1ish to finish the game. I just managed to squeak by the automatic player with a score of 60 to 56 on easy mode! I wanted to learn how to use this; I had known it before, but I could not remember all the rules. I also purchased the consolidated rules that were published and then republished after complaints. I just got the fixed copy, and thus I recycled the faulty copy. I re-reread much of the rules over the last two nights. No surprises in the rules–I am playing by the rules. I did learn that there are a few scenarios that I did not know. There is a cooperative version that looks like fun!

I went online and purchased some additions for Scythe. I am missing a few bonus cards, I learned, and I could get a few more automata decks to run some multiple automatic opponents in the game. That sounds like fun, and Evan and I could then play a four-person game with two automata!

Just an update: The ants are mostly gone. Apparently, the ant baits worked, and I suspect the survivors did not enjoy the 20s weather. I did run into two ants in the kitchen. They will not be returning to warn the tribe.

I did dishes and laundry today. I also cleaned the snow off the car by running it and then removing much of the ice from the now warmed car. I want it ready. I also have some de-icer, and I sprinkled it out on the ice. I then went over to the neighbors and did their walks too. I ordered some more on Petco, which had the lowest price and shipping costs.

Returning to breakfast, I made Susie scrambled eggs with cheese, and I cooked maple sausages for breakfast. I had poached eggs with a bagel with a banana. Susie got some links, and I had to freeze the rest as I enjoyed them too much!

I took it easy and tried to relax. It is still difficult not to be checking email and Slack channels non-stop (If you don’t know what a Slack channel is–be happy in your ignorance). I am practicing being a regular human today.

I made angel hair pasta in the sauce from a jar with rustic meatballs from Safeway’s meat case. I find that Susie can enjoy this if I bake it a bit. So she managed a bowl of pasta and 1.5 meatballs.

I tried to watch the movie, The Dark Tower, a guilty pleasure but started to fall asleep. I then went back to Scythe.

11,783 people were vaccinated in Oregon yesterday. This number will likely increase as it takes 72 hours to collect all the information. Oregon has vaccinated more than 10% of the state now.

2,272 people in the USA died today from Covid-19.

There Is A Balm In Gilead has been on my mind as we continue to see hope in the vaccine. It is hard to wait for us to reach 1B Group 4 in Washington County, Oregon.

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