Day 338: Sunday Games and More Games

I managed to sleep until 9ish today. I got to bed around midnight; that seemed a fair amount of sleep for me.

I was able to get going and heard from Evan and Mariah in the morning. I would meet Mariah for lunch, actually picking her up in Air Volvo. Evan would come after 1ish to play some board games.

Susie was up in the late morning. I heated up some sausages from yesterday and made her fav, again, of scrambled eggs with cheese. She enjoyed a freshly made breakfast.

I left Susie to watch ice skating, Leta her mother had called that it was on.

The driving was sloppy, and I fished tailed in Air Volvo a few times, but no real risk. I was surprised when the SUV did a Tokyo Drift on 185th when I pulled onto the street from Johnson Street! Again, no trouble, but I suspect I smiled and maniacally laughed. It goes without saying that this was before I picked up Mariah. Thereafter I drove like I was going to church.

The pizza place was not open! We did Buffalo Wild Wings. While there, because I had to play board games later today, I ordered refreshments this way, “a refreshing beer-like product, Coors Light, please.” I then said, “Yes, a large one–it is mostly water.” I had a coffee with it. We had wings and chatted.

I then drove Mariah back home without any sudden cool car moves. I then went home, sometimes driving over the snow to help break it up–four-wheel drive, you know. I tried not to scare too many Oregonians as I tried to help break up the snow.

I stopped by and picked up a large chocolate heart-shaped box for Susie and a few small ones for Evan and Corwin. Evan beat me to the house and was hanging out with Susie until I got there.

Evan then ruined my winning streak on the board game Scythe. He beat me with Polandia by twenty points. A total spanking. I played Russia and thought I was doing OK until Evan spread out all over the map and crushed me. I have lost this way before to Polandia and knew I was finished a few turns before the end. I was still trying to adjust and win, and then Evan ended the game with a sixth star. Crushed!

I did manage to pull off a win in the next game by just two points, Vindication. We played the basic game. The game has random ending conditions, a design I helped with years ago at a local gaming convention, and this time we unexpectedly tripped them. We managed to trip another one as we ended the game with one more round of play (Unlike Scythe, which ends immediately when the sixth star is placed, Vindication is like most board games and has one more round to play to allow the players a chance to improve their score). It was a close game.

Lastly, we played a new game, Where Am I? This is a new Kickstarter game that is a recreation of the tea party in Alice In Wonderland. You have a little table, and you place tiny dishes to score points. You also try to guess who is who. It is cute and a bluffing game. Evan scored the winning score, but we are still trying to learn it.

I made cheese sandwiches for Susie and me (mine had ham too). Evan made his own sandwich.

We watched the Blazers beat Dallas while eating.

I then had to stop and write this blog.

Only 2,153 people were vaccinated yesterday in Oregon. Let us hope that the number is a mistake and it will be increased in the next 72 hours.

1,111 people are reported to have died today from Covid-19 in the USA.

It has been a long time since I sang this, Go Down, Moses–Methodist Hymnal #448.

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