Day 339: Monday of Broken Trees

Last night the pine tree next door dropped a large branch on my neighbor’s front yard. About three inches thick and more than ten feet long, the branch brushed the house and roof as it fell next door. The neighbors, alarmed, moved to another side of the house to sleep. No more of the tree came down today-tonight. There is no damage—just some small branches on their roof.

All over the Greater Portland Area, trees are down, and transformers are exploding to add to the excitement. I have heard of multiple stories of children in shock as the Internet becomes not available. Why transformers are exploding from ice and branches are unknown to me. It must be a branch must hit them and short them.

We have power and no trees breaking so far.

The morning began with me very tired at 6:30ish. I had status meetings at 7 and managed to be ready and showered in time. There I started to learn of the loss of power and connections to the Internet for many Nike colleagues. Portland and areas in or near the West Hills are suffering transformer explosions and falling tree parts.

Returning to my morning, I got just started, and then Susie had to get going as her appointment with Zeriada for nails, hair, toes, and so on was 9 this morning. I had to leave the meetings running while I rallied Susie. She was responsive and was up and dressed by 8:30ish for coffee, water, and yogurt, and cereal mixed (her fav). Her driver was on time. The snow is still on the walkway for our house. Susie sat down in her walker and was pushed out to the taxi on her walker. It was not safe for her to walk in the snow. I helped get her loaded.

I then took a break. I rested instead of taking a walk today. It is too icy and damp for a walk today.

I finished the German-style goulash for lunch with 1/2 a can of peaches. While eating, I then read online the adventure I was playing on Roll20 today. I need to read everything ahead and get it set in my mind how to handle some items. We are coming to the end of The Mad Mage’s Dungeon, having skipped down to the lower levels. The last four levels of the complex are better assembled and written than any other part of the adventure. They should be fun to play.

Two more status meetings and my day is done today for the shoe company. I blocked my calendar and set a note that I was out this afternoon. I was tired, and it was hard to be focused today anyway. Susie returned, again being pushed on the walker this time. Susie had a McDonald’s Happy Meal today with Chicken McNuggets.

I drove to Zeriada’s too. I had a haircut that had been canceled twice, and I was taking on the Einstein look. I got to drive on the sloppy roads, but the roads were fine, just wet. Not as fun as yesterday.

The haircut takes no time. I headed back toward Beverton and stopped at The Olive Garden. I tried to use their app, it says to call. I walk in and ask if they can take a to-go order as their app is not working. I am reminded that because of Covid-19, I need to call my order in. I step back outside and call them from the car. I speak to exactly the same person again, but she tried to forward me and lost my call this time. I call back and hear hold music for five minutes before taking my call, the exact same person, and then she successfully delivering me to the to-go person–ten feet away from her. I put in orders for three dinners and dessert, just one for Susie. I was told it would be 15 minutes, it was 45 minutes, and they brought out the food and put it in my car, touchless.

I love their salad and breadsticks. I forgot the dish Tour of Italy was not one of their best dishes, but I have found that food is made better in this new world. I enjoyed it even if the lasagna was just OK. Susie enjoyed the chicken and alfredo on linguine pasta. Corwin got spaghetti and meatballs.

Just after finishing dinner was Roll20 and The Mad Mage’s Dungeon. All the players were ready, and we dived into the game. I had some hot tea to help with the exhaustion I was feeling. The players last time had fought a terrible battle to capture the top deck of an Astral flying ship. They regrouped, healed up, and then open the hatch to take the rest of the ship. They found many of the crew had been killed by having their brains sucked out of the cracked open skull. Quite nightmarish! The ship’s shape, squid-shaped,  and the horrific deaths of the crew suggested mind flayers–one of the worst and horrific monsters in Dungeons and Dragon. I had managed to make the players nervous, if not a bit scared.

They searched the ship and befriended a miniature giant space hamster. Yes, it is a real thing in 5E Dungeons and Dragons. The hamster was friendly, and when they headed to the bridge, it stood-up and saluted. The mind flayer, thanking the hamster for bringing it dinner, then tried to blast the minds of all the characters. It went first, everyone else rolled low, and I thought it would go poorly for the adventurers, but every one of adventures successfully resisted the mind-blast and made quick work of the captain. The hamster, who changed sides, was spared, but it was agreed by the players that it was headed to a pet shop and not as an ally. It was loot, not a friend.

The adventurers descended to the next level, shocked at how deep they are, and discovered a symbol of death trap waiting for them. They managed to remove it with dispel magic. They then explored found a tower that they are now resting before they take it on. The players are advancing their characters to the 12th level now.

After that, I started to write this blog.

Only 3,650 people were vaccinated yesterday in Oregon. Apparently, we are out of vaccine; that is what the state website suggests.

954 people are reported to have died from Covid-19 today in the USA.

This is the best version I could find of Rise, Shine, You People–Methodist Hymnal #187. I don’t know this song and just turned to it today.

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