Day 343: Friday Busy

Today was started at 6:45ish. I had a meeting starting at 7:30, so I did not have to rush as much. I was dressed and ready for the meeting with my last bagel from the freezer. I had coffee ready too.

I had three hours of Zoom meetings and a request for a vendor patch an OSS note for those who speak SAP software.

I managed to slip in a walk. I walked just a bit further than yesterday. My lungs seemed stiff, and I was coughing a lot this time. I am feeling better, even with the pain. Aspirin worked to reduce the pain and the inflammation. I was am feeling better this evening.

I put the vendor patch into the sandbox system, and it came back with a pile of changes to do. So I went heads down and put in all the changes—hours of work. I listened to the meetings while I coded the changes. I also got out my extra monitor to have the instructions on one screen while I made the changes on the other screen.

Note: The 15.6″ monitor has high-quality graphics and runs from a ‘C’ USB plug. It also can daily-chain the ‘C’ USB, so I plug the monitor in from the power source and then plug my laptop from the monitor. I have to plug an HDMI cable in from my laptop into the screen.

I went to Burger King for lunch–drive-thru. I had a whopper with cheese and a whopper jr for Susie with just cheese. As usual, it is amazing how bad Burger King fries are and how good their burgers are.

I continued with my work and then completed the patches (OSS notes). I then went to apply the same fix in the development system; it appears that I put all this in last June! The one note went in at least.

I was asked to back it out as it was not working as expected. Such a strange day!

Susie’s last week of Physical Therapy is next week. Michelle came and ran Susie through exercises and started a discussion on a list of items to do every week once the in-home care ended. Susie did very well.

Dinner was from Schwann’s, potato skins with cheese and bacon. We also finished the breadsticks from The Olive Garden that reheated in the microwave. We had hot chocolate as dessert.

Back to work after reading a bit.

I am reading the rules to Frostgrave 2nd Edition. I like the changes they made to the first version. I have ordered some new spell cards for the revised game. I ordered the official mat to play on and some terrain items from the UK. I also have ordered some other terrain items from a California 3D printing house–more ruins. This should look really good once we get it quickly painted and decorate it with a bit of snow.

Returning to the rules, this game still uses dice and has characteristics like Wisdom which you would find in Dungeons and Dragons, and like Role Play Games (RPG). Frostgrave 2nd Edition is a figure-based game, not an RPG, and the characters are represented by figures on a board and all the action is on the board. Instead of playing a character with lots of focus on one character’s abilities, the game focus is you running up to eight figures, a Warband. You hire cheap thugs and expensive knights to your team. Then you, a wizard, lead your team in the pillaging the ruins of the city of Frostgrave. In each scenario, your team is trying to recover the treasures while trying to survive the savage undead, demons, and other horrors that lurk or have recently defrosted. Another player has a competing Warband, and they, too, are trying to grab the treasure. While it is not good to fight another team, accidents do happen.  More to come.

Work was 9-11 at night again. So this is running a bit late.

18,709 people were vaccinated yesterday in Oregon. These numbers could increase as it takes 72 hours to get all the data posted. Over half a million people in Oregon are now vaccinated–4.2 million people are believed to reside in Oregon at this time.

2,428 people in the USA died today of Covid-19. The death rate is still showing a steep reduction. Oregon is still the 46th state for death rates from Covid-19.

I decided that a familiar prayer was a good choice today: The Lord Bless You and Keep You.

2 thoughts on “Day 343: Friday Busy”

  1. Lov you. Mom did get her Diet Coke and cig’s after I was off work and as I was leaving moms I saw a person snow blowing andwith a 20.00 they were headed to moms to blow the snow the plow trucks piled at the end of her driveway, which was contributing to her frustration. All is good in moms world for now. I have a migraine andwasnot able to work Friday. After seeing doc I feel better this morning with remnants of the migraine still. Hugs to you and Susie.❤️

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    1. Migraine suck. I had a bad headache on Tuesday. I find all I can do is find a dark place tell everyone to leave me alone for a few hours. I fall asleep, and then I am better. It is the only thing that works for me.


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