Day 344: Unlocked Just A Bit

It is Saturday and the second Saturday that I am not working on the shoe company’s issues. A whole day off–the second one in February. I slept into 9ish. Corwin was up and made breakfast of fried egg in toast and bacon. I started slow and tried to unwind a bit.

Evan and I connected and decided to try our first board gaming outing in 2021. Mox Boarding House is not opening for food and playing until Monday, so we had to find an alternative location.

I called the Wildwood Tap, and they said they would not mind a small group playing games, two of us. So today is the first game not at the house in a long time. They are a tap, so they have no food. They have a large number of taps and tables to drink at. You can bring food in or have GrubHub deliver there.

I picked up some Indian Food at Biryani Corner. It was a bit hard on both the guy taking my order and me as we are both trying to understand the other muffled by N95 masks. I tried to ask him what he would suggest and that got more questions that ended with me or him confused and one of us saying, “yes.”

I ended up with a lot of food, Chicken Marsala with naan with so much garlic, all vampires cleared out of Hillsboro and rice. And a Samosa, just one. I took it to Wildwood, and I could only eat about 1/3 of it. It was wonderful and too much for one person. I texted Evan that I had lunch for both of us. He finished my lunch. We put the remains in the outside trash bin.

That was the first Indian food for me in, I believe, six months that I did not cook myself.

We then played Vindication with the new mat and new cards I just received–another upgrade from the game creator, and I beat Evan by just a few points, but I had every mastery–Evan wanted revenge. We played again, and he took me to task beating me by 30+ points—total smack-down.

We had some more beer and moved to Concordia. This, too, is a fav and is an economic game focusing on resource use to build the greatest Roman trading house. We picked the Mediterranean board, which is also a fav. We played a standard game with the Forum add-on from the Concordia: Salsa expansion (if you are to buy Concordia now, you should buy Venus Concordia, which comes with all the best add-ons).

I find Concordia an intellectual challenge, and I usually have my moves planned out two or more ahead and then adjust as my opponent(s), Evan, this time, sometimes makes a hash of my plans. I enjoy expanding my trading by building more and more trading houses in far-flung empire backwaters. The game is also a balance of building and buying and creating opportunities with the cards you can purchase to improve your overall game experience. Still, these card purchases use the same resources you would use to expand–hard choices. I love to try to make the “engines” run in the game and surprise my opponents. There is almost no chance and no dice. You must make do with what the game’s world hands you and find a way to build the greatest trading house. I love it!

I managed to build a trading house in 10 of 12 Roman provinces and get five colonists out. I also ended the game by building all my houses—this gave me even more points. This gave me the game.

Wildwood was filling with Saturday Night drinkers. Time to go!

We left Wildwood and went our separate ways. Evan wanted to catch the Blazers game–Susie was expected dinner out. I picked Susie up, and we went to a local Mexican place, Mazatlan. This is a local chain, and this one is only two blocks from the house. We like it.

The staff at Mazatlan are cautious and always wear masks, and the customers are careful. We always feel safe there and ate a very nice dinner together—Susie’s first dinner out since the last lockdown. I had flan and coffee while Susie finished her first beer out in 2021!

I spoke to the owner-manager; she was so happy we had come in today. She told me, “it has been so hard.” She said that they could not do take-only and survive. I might have to Mazatlan once a week. Hmmm.

20,646 people in Oregon received the vaccine yesterday. We are back to high numbers, and even these good numbers may increase as it takes 72 hours to collect all the data. By the end of February, Oregon medical people will have given out more than a million shots.

1,907 people passed away today from Covid-19 in the USA, a still terrible high death rate.

I am tempted to start tracking Senator Ted Cruz as another disaster, but I will resist.

I went with Santo, Santo, Santo for today. This is a more Rock version. The English version is Methodist Hymnal #64 and Spanish on #65. The designers of the Hymnal have the book open to both.

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