Day 345: Sunday with Work

Today started at about 8:30ish. I was a bit tired and decided to skip out on church and even a lecture on Rome. I just was going very slow. I cleared off my working table and did the dishes, and started the laundry. About noon, I had the painting going again.

I purchased two 3D printed factory models for the Scythe board game. I primed them and then over-sprayed them in white to get the coloring to look 3D. I used a special shade-built-in green paint for the roof.

Primed and color applied.

I purchased another Scooby-Doo figure set from Hasslefree Miniatures in The UK. I promised a painted set for the Weiss family (Susie’s cousins). I have started on them today. I got out the set I finished to match the colors and remind me how I painted them.

Usually, I get to paint a figure just once. This makes it always new and interesting and filled with some regrets as you notice that the colors are not as bright or not really working. For me, the figures are usually put in a bag or a drawer (if metal) and used here and there for Dungeons and Dragons and other figures using games. Some are great, and some are OK.

The special painting jobs are for board games that have figures. Here I try to do the best work as they will be used repeatedly. I have been able to get multiple copies for some figures in board games; you can often buy an extra set for a minimal charge. This allows me to exchange unpainted figures for painted figures. I think I have done Scythe figures three times. My last set looks very nice.

The cartoonish or bright figures are undercoated white. I prefer to paint figures with a flat black undercoat with white highlights as I can use less diluted paint for brighter colors and let the diluted paint show the shading from the dark primer. These figures have strong contrasts. With a white undercoat, I have to put in all the shading. These shadings have few contrasts and usually just enough to create a more 3D look for the figure.

I now use oil paints for shading instead of inks and varnishes for shading. I paint the model with a clear-coat and then shade it with oil paints. These oils dry the same color and mostly the same darkness as I applied. I can also wipe them off without damage to the underlying paint.

Note: I might still use inks and varnishes to change the paint color. For example, the Scythe model’s roof will get a hint of blue ink to suggest a copper roof.

Cartoon figures are painted and unpainted. Notice the lack of shading in the cartoon and the match in the figures.

While I was getting to all of this, I got a call that the Gay Pride flag was apparently needed by someone and was gone. I met Dan “Mindful” Gray at the church and replaced the flag. I buy replacements and store them in my garage until someone needs a flag.

There are some new tags on the church, and someone threw a traffic cone on the roof. There is construction near the church, and maybe a construction person will want to get the cone back. Neither Dan nor I felt young enough to climb up on the chapel’s roof and get the orange cone. Nonetheless, the flag is back in place. Dan will be overpainting the tags.

The tag is on the floor by the mat on the cement. It is done in colorful marker.

I returned home and then painted figures and other items and read a bit today. I did stop by Rainy Day Games and buy a Frostgrave book–more on that another day.

Mariah hooked up with us, and we met her at Khao San in Bethany for Thai food for dinner. Khan San specializes in street-style Thai food. Susie had crispy sweet potato fries. I had Mussaman Curry Short Ribs with Roti. Mariah had a curry with noodles. We saw the staff being careful and the customers keeping their proper distances; we felt safe. We enjoyed dinner, and we all returned to our respective homes. Recommended.

I then started back at work on IST morning, our 9PM. I followed along until about 10:30.

17,894 people were vaccinated in Oregon yesterday. This number will likely increase as it takes 72 hours to collect and report all the data.

1,245 people died today from Covid-19 in the USA.

I picked a political song today: The Thai National Anthem.

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