Day 346: Monday Again

The morning started at 7ish. The meetings started at 8, not 7:30, so I got an hour more sleep this Monday. It was strange that I was not walking in the dark this morning!

The coffee was essential. I am tired and feel all the long days today. The status meetings went on for hours using Zoom.

Susie had her appointment at 9:30 with Zerida today. I managed to rally her and get her on her way without any problems. Her driver surprised me by not calling ahead but with no issues.

I decided to drive to lunch after I handled a few more crises of the moment for the shoe company. I went to Popeyes and got a Spicy Chicken Sandwich. I forgot how crunchy good those are.

Susie picked up a McDonald’s Happy Meal with Chicken McNuggets on her way home, her fav.

I spent the lunch hour in Roll20 setting up the character upgrades for the next game this evening. We agreed to increase the characters to the next level as things are getting a bit scary.

I returned to work and more status meetings and finished about 4ish. I then took a nap as I was tired.

I got going about 5ish and made dinner, Chicken Cordon Blu (Schwann’s), with freshly made mashed potatoes, and corn (Schwann’s). A very plain but fav dinner. It is better if I make some Hollandaise, but tonight we just went for the basics. Tonight is not the night to be separating eggs.

I then connected with all my players on Roll20 for a session. They detected multiple magic traps on the door into a tower made from a giant stalagmite. They removed the door and the frame avoiding the traps by never opening the door!

Within they met the evil undead wizard, called a lich, the genie sent them to kill and bring back his magical heart. He offered to help them find the controls for the Spaceship they found and get it to fly the Astral Planes again. They secretly sent the rogue to search for the magical heart and he, still undetected, managed to find a closed-off area at the top of the tower that is likely the vault that hides it. He also stole the evil undead’s most valuable item, his spellbook. They managed to escape before the lich noticed.

They had agreed with the lich to provide a fake heart to the genie and then take the treasure offered for the heart. The fake heart was the trap from the door that somehow containers two vampires. It is a wood carving in the shape of a skull with two black gem eyes.

On their way to try out this rather odd plan, they ran into a party of bad guys who were also plundering the Mad Mage Dungeon and looked on the players as a chance for more loot. The night finished with a long battle with the players managing to win. For a moment, their rogue was charmed and changed sides, but lucky for them their dwarf cleric had cast a spell that did continual damage. It slew the charmer monster before it could get their rogue to make some real mischief.

After that, I had 15 minutes until I had to start my day again at work in India time. I spent about an hour online working again tonight.

I am drained.

13,790 people received the Covid-19 vaccine in Oregon yesterday. The number will likely increase as it takes 72 hours to post all the counts.

1,374 people in the USA died from Covid-19 today.

I picked a fav for tonight and found a nicely done version: In The Garden.

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