Day 347: Tuesdsay with Beer

Working backward tonight, I am quickly writing the blog before returning to work on India’s morning, our 9:30PM.

Dinner was at Golden Valley Brewery for lots of beer and a Chicken Pot Pie. Susie had a Spanish Coffee and a ham and cheese. Mariah met us there.

Beer with hand sanitizer (to wash hands)

I stopped working about 4ish after going mostly non-stop from 6 this morning. I ended the day after answering questions about data conversions. We have new people involved, and they are asking all the basic questions again. I covered the same ground, and I think we are back on track.

Before the data conversion questions, I worked on Groovy code to build some install processes for one of the shoe company’s new technologies. They need this soon, so I spent the afternoon reading documentation and testing and revising. I managed to get my connection string to work, so I can now run the processes.

While coding and reading instructions, I was also listening to status meetings while eating Mexican Food delivered for lunch from Don Chilitoes Mexican Grill, a Chile Relleno, and Enchilada.

Susie also got started about the same time, and I got her waffles for breakfast with peanut butter spread on them. These are “power” waffles with extra protein.

Moving backward in time, the morning was again explaining how data worked to yet-another-group. I was explaining the same things again. I asked the people to talk to each other as they are from the same team. I did not mind that much explaining again; it was just a surprise to have a repeat.

I started early this morning with three hours of status meetings. I did have a few crises of the moment to handle too. I did manage to slip out and take a short walk.

My alarm was 6, and I started and was ready for the first meeting at 7AM.

9,235 people were vaccinated yesterday in Oregon. The number will likely be increased as it takes 72 hours to collect all the numbers.

2,404 people in the USA died from Covid-19 today.

I went with my fav version of Lift Every Voice And Sing.

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