Day 348: Going Groovy

There were no early morning status meetings. I slept into 7ish. Susie was up a bit early; my last few hours were a bit broken, but still, it felt a bit better at 7 when the alarm went off. I managed to have breakfast, coffee, and even shower and dress in time for the start of hours of Zoom calls, all status.

I did have a few crises of the moment as many little items appeared in text messages, emails, and Slack messages. One request asked me how I was doing, and I commented that I was changing focus so fast I felt like a tennis ball. This got a LOL, at least.

I was in about six hours of status meetings today. I spent most of the time with the camera off as I worked on other items while trying to follow along. I did not want to be that guy, “I am sorry, could you repeat that.”

I was busy writing Groovy code all day. Groovy is the language you can use in Jenkins to control building software; Jenkins is an open software platform that allows you to write processes to build and test software (yes, named after a butler). I have written some Groovy and Jenkins configurations to orchestrate installing SAP Java and UI5 based applications. Now I needed to install SAP Data Intelligence software (yes, they called it that, or DI). I managed to get the connection string to work to the underlying technology yesterday. I now needed to orchestrate a build process.

I spent the morning trying to get the Groovy to talk to BASH as all the examples for SAP to do this are in BASH. BASH is the shell script to control UNIX (and it stands for Bourne Again SHell). My Jenkins environments are UNIX (you can use Windows too). And to make it just a feast of hacking, the examples include ad hoc created Python code to parse some of the control files (Of course, Python is named for Monty Python).

While nerding out, I managed a short walk–it was a bit cold for me. I know that I am working hard enough as my KN95 mask, CDC no longer recommends paper masks, starts to push on to my face because I am breathing hard. My breathing is good today, and the pain in my legs is less. Use it or lose it!

I ordered from Gyro House again and had a lamb gyro. It was so good. I ate it while I was working on the code.

My afternoon was more status meetings. I continued to code and test. I managed to get the flow to work. I have not yet fully test it as I need a valid *.zip, but I did get all the controls working, and the Python stopped failing.

Susie has only two days left of in-home physical therapy. Michelle showed up about 3ish, and we went over the plan. We will have a cake to celebrate Susie graduating from PT at home. Susie walked with Michelle outside halfway up and down our street. Michelle gave Susie some stretching exercises.

I was going to make dinner. I have to work Indian hours too. I instead ordered some Papa Murphy pizza and salad. These are take-home and bake pizza, New York thin-crust style. I got a Cesar salad with chicken also. I love pizza and a good salad; it is a Mid-West thing.

We watched the news on PBS while eating pizza. I then started the blog, and work restarted when India woke up.

I wrote the blog while listening, and I also did some work here and there—multi-tasking to the max.

14,502 people in Oregon were vaccinated yesterday. This number will likely increase as it takes 72 hours to get all the data posted.

2,525 people died today in the USA from the virus.

I turned to this old French carol, He Is Born, in the hymnal and found this delightful version.


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