Day 349: Busy Thursday

I was up at 6ish as I had a 7AM status meeting.

I will skip over much of the morning as it was status meetings while fixing a few crises of the moment and coding Groovy and Jenkins config. I was trying to get an install script to work. I worked all morning and afternoon on this while listening to status meetings after status meetings.

Susie had ordered some St. Patrick gifts for her family, and I had to send them to Michigan. I slipped out at 10ish and went to the UPS store and sent the gifts on. They should be there before March 17th.

For lunch, I decided to order out. Ma-Now Thai food, Pad Thai with Shrimp. It was delivered about noon. I ate it while I sat through more meetings and some new emergency meetings. We had some new software issues, and we started to work out what to do.

I continued to work on my Groovy stuff and got very close. Just one error left. I stopped at 3ish.

I slipped out and went grocery shopping at Whole Foods. I needed more eggs and cream cheese for the frosting for Susie’s cake. I got a few items we are getting low on and some nice beer.

I also tried to get a Covid-19 shot for Susie today–Walgreen had some openings. But, I had to create an account on Walgreens, and by the time I was done, the appointments were full. I will keep trying for both of us.

I took a short nap and started on dinner, pork chops. These are Schwann’s bone-in that cook well if pan-fried and finished, in the pan, in the oven. I made corn niblets (Schwann’s) and garlic bread–Whole Foods has great garlic bread.

I watched the news with Susie while we ate dinner. I watch PBS BBC News and about 1/2 of the News Hours.

I then returned to work. India morning this time at 9 IST or 7:30PM here. We had more issues to talk about.

I stopped at about 8:30ish as I have to make Susie a cake. She is graduating from Physical Therapy at home tomorrow. She wants a carrot cake. I shredded carrots and used the same recipe she loved last time from King Arthur Flour. So the kitchen looks like it exploded. There are bits of carrot here and there. I will frost it late tonight, I think.

15,684 received a vaccination yesterday in Oregon. This number will likely increase as it takes three days to collect all the data.

Two thousand four-hundred fourteen people died from the infection today in the USA.

Eternal Father hymn came to me today. This is the navy hymn.

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