Day 250: Crazy Friday

I am happy and sad to say I have sold some stock. SPACE (Virgin Galatic) at +250% increase and F (Ford) at 10% increase. I enjoyed the ride, but taxes are coming due soon, and the play money has to be put to work and pay the tax bill for last year. I am both relieved to get off the roller coaster ride of both companies, and a little sad to no longer have that thrill of watching both stocks rise and fall with the tides of random investor emotion.

Since we are talking about money, my 401K is at the moment experiencing flat growth for the year, +0.23%. The markets appear confused by the stimulus package, a tiny jump in rates, and falling death and infection rates. The markets are uncertain as they have been the only investment for the last year. Increasing rates and a sudden full-running economy seem to be spooking the investors as it may move money from the markets to bonds and real estate. I continue to leave my 401K alone.

Continuing with the theme of money, I am trying to make the self-imposed deadlines of Feb 28th to finish my taxes. You also get a discount from Turbo Tax if you finish by then. I have uploaded all the documents and have a few hours of annotating certain stock transactions to finish up. I will likely make my date. I will pay the taxes on the deadline; I do not pay the government early.

Returning to the house’s story, Susie slipped off the bed while dressing for bed tonight and landed on the floor in a heap. She is not hurt, and sliding off the bed I do not think should count as a full fall. It was just a silly mistake.

Susie, Mariah, and I met for pizza and drinks at The Rock Wood Fired Pizza for dinner. Mariah got us a table in the bar. We were stopped at the door and told they were at maximum capacity and would have to wait. I then got a text from Mariah that we already had a table, and in we went. The parking lot was full, and the place was kicking. And that meant really we should have skipped it–too much risk. But, the customers were all being safe, and masks were used in the waiting area and when people got up. So I did not feel unsafe–I think we have finally engrained social distancing and masks in the bar scene, at least in Beaverton, Oregon.

Before dinner, I finished work and rested a bit, and took an unplanned nap that I suddenly awoke from. I am reading a delightful book on the history of math, The Story of a Number, and I have to admit that I might slip away from the story to dreamland when tired. It is a good story, and it is good to recall all the math I have forgotten.

We were celebrating a bit. Susie graduated from Physical Therapy In-home services. Michelle, our visiting PT, came at 2:30ish with a graduation certificate for Susie and lists of exercises for Susie in the future. I had made a carrot cake from scratch and frosted it today between meetings. Michelle could not take off her mask; she got a piece to take home. Susie did walk down the street with Michelle and did some exercises too. It is now up to Susie and me to keep this up.

Susie had yogurt with cereal, and I had soup from a can for lunch. I frosted the cake at lunchtime.

We had an emergency this morning at the shoe company that is still ongoing, and we are working the weekend. The India time work is put on hold as the emergency needs to be resolved before doing the other work. So the morning was about working on the problems and solving many crises of the moment that need my attention today.

This morning I had a chance to eat my bagel and banana while all my computers, my Apple, and Nike’s Windows machine, decided to reboot. It was strange to see both of them down at the same time!

I started the morning at 7ish as the early meetings are canceled, for the moment. Susie managed to sleep the night, so I managed some short by uninterrupted sleep today.

22,353 people were vaccinated yesterday in Oregon. The numbers take 72 hours to be complete, and the previous day has also been increased. It is reassuring to see the rate back to over 20,000 a day. Oregon has vaccinated 14% of the population of the state.

2,246 people died from the virus today in the USA.

I turned in the hymnal to a song I have never heard, Father, We Thank You.

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