Day 355: 0xFF Foobar

When things go wrong in many computers, the data is filled with all ones when something has gone wrong. This is often represented in hexadecimal notation as FF or in Python (and many other computer languages) as 0xFF and $FF in old displays of “hex,” as it is usually called. Tonight my plans to work the India morning were halted when the software control software, literally the software that updates software, failed. Tonight we could not get the changes deployed to our testing environments, and thus no tests. Foobar or FF–legend has it on model train operational play that the clock would show FF when the operational plan failed; that is where computers get Foobar from. The military version has a different meaning altogether.

I was thinking of 255 when I saw the day count.

Thinking I needed a break, we went to The Rock Wood Fired Pizza today for dinner, working backward. We had a few beers, just one small one for me as I believed then I would need to return to work tonight and dinner. I had a meatball sandwich as I remember it was good and it still is!

The bartender and waiter were all happy to see us again. We have been showing up a lot. Their pizza is delicious with the wood flavor in a crunchy crust, and their drinks excellent. They also follow masking and cleaning with care. The customers are also careful to replace masks and keep their distance. I feel safe there.

I rested a bit in the afternoon after writing more groovy code and getting some install processes finally to work. My test program is now working. I was expecting to be up late, and I was tired from two days of working Portland and India hours.

I also got Susie going, and we walked 1/2 way down our street. Susie found it harder today than last week. We need to keep this up. The neighbors waved and were happy to see us out.

Lunch was Burger King today. I had a whopper with cheese with fries (terrible), and Susie had a whopper jr with cheese plain. I will have to remember Wayne’s suggestion to get onion rings instead and skip fries for Susie.

I received a new esoterica book today, Hermetica. This book had a large influence on the thinking of the medieval and Renaissance periods. I wanted to learn more about this. Also, I have acquired some large books, physically huge, on the impact of writings from the Embassy of the Freemind in Amsterdam. This is more of my research for some adventures I would like to write in a fantasy version of Europe. More books; you can never have enough.

I also purchased on eBay some figures I am painting for a friend’s daughter. A young female druid made by Reaper in metal. I would prefer their bones plastic, but I can make this work. We like plastic figures on the table-top as they don’t scratch and break. I will try to work the figure this week and weekend.

I ordered HO and N scale windows used for building model train scale building. Micromark sells a couple random sets; I should find what I need in the set. The train guys have all the best toys! I want to use a few windows to dress up the factory I am painting. I also think I could use these tiny windows on a couple of ship models on the back-burner.

I started the day sleeping into 7ish as my first meeting was at 8. I spent the early morning catching up with what happened during India’s day and getting started for Wednesday.

12,736 people were vaccinated yesterday in Oregon–this is a preliminary number and will increase. Oregon has administered more than a million doses so far, and our county, Washington, has vaccinated more than 13% of the population. We still have not managed an appointment for shots, but I am very optimistic that the Johnson and Johnson vaccine will reduce the logistical problems of two-shot vaccination. We could not get appointments for both shots, so we could not schedule anything. I will try again.

2,350 people died today from Covid-19 in the USA. The death rate is not decreasing now.

I turned to a hymn I did not know, On This Day Earth Shall Ring–Methodist Hymnal #248. This is a 16th-century hymn.

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