Day 356: Thursday Just Work

Today started at 7ish as I could sleep in an extra hour today.

Today I was again in Zoom meetings for hours on status. We also had run one of the conversions, and the data was having issues, which caused some political reactions. We had to explain in detail and research the issues. As we convert what we have with the data and configuration available, we cause others’ issues.

The day was spent on meetings after meetings, all on Zoom.

I missed my walk as the meetings were booked over it. I did make it out at 12ish to drive to Taco Bell in Air Volvo and brought back tacos today. Susie likes plain tacos, and I prefer supreme tacos.

More meetings on data and conversions on Zoom happen all through the afternoon. I finally get to writing Groovy and BASH for the install scripts I need to write.

I try to make Morroco Chicken using the Instant Pot. It was not quite right, and Susie did not eat much.

I was back online at 8PM for India morning. I listened to the data conversion meetings while writing more code and testing. I have it almost working.

So not a very interesting day for my blog, just work. I did the laundry too. Sorry that I had a hectic but not very interesting day.

I spoke to Cory today; he called me to see how we are doing. He is handicapped, lost two legs, and is getting his second shot this weekend. We have played games for years, and I hope we can play again in April or May once we all get shots. I have a new version of Frostgrave, and Cory liked that game. This is a table-top figure game, not a role-playing game. You use little tape measures and laser pointers and run a team of 28mm figures. I have ruins and rubble to fill a map with so you can recreate the ruins of the lost city of Frostgrave on the table. It would be fun to get this going again. I have more ruins coming, some printed resources, and specialized 28mm figures ready and some to assemble and paint.

16,376 people were vaccinated yesterday in Oregon. This number will likely increase as it takes 72 hours to post all the numbers.

1,993 people in the USA died from the virus today. The numbers appear to still be decreasing.

This Is My Land is my fav hymn, and I found this nice version today.


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