Day 357: Friday Projects

This evening I got a few items in the mail. I got a mold for resin from China today. It was supposed to arrive here much later, but my very polite posts on seemed to get folks in China to send it early. I am now thinking about mounting a vacuum tube from the old Tesla company in Czechoslovakia that I bought for another art project into some resin and adding some electronics for it to light up. I have resin now, a set of glitter to mix into the resin, gears, and other tiny watch parts from Micromart that could add some mechanical flavor. I think I can make something cool. I will put some Neopixels with the vacuum tube. I have cut a hole in the base to put a light into the base as if it was a running tube. I will see if I can make something nice out of an old Soviet Bloc tube.

I have ordered some induction parts that I can use to make a charging light. That will be a second vacuum tube; I have some Edison vacuum tubes too!. I have ordered that from AdaFruit, one of the world’s best suppliers of DIY electronic and small computers.

I also received a used book from the Curious Book Store in East Lansing. It was just a few more buck to get a copy from my old stomping ground of this used book store on This is a textbook on the solution to Fermat’s Last Theorem. The Curious Book Store inventory is online, and once and a while, it comes up as an option on various web searches for more obscure items; I always try to buy from them when I can.

I also received from Micromart little model windows, but they are too large for the wargaming models I am working on. I will see if I can “steal” some extra windows from the Titanic model I am building currently on the back-burner. Those are etched brass and tiny and might work.

Work started at 7ish. I was able to sleep in a bit. It was still slow going. I managed to get ready in time for the first of a few hours of status meetings on Friday. I could also hear the trash trucks as Friday is trash day for us. I was too tired to go for a walk, so I skipped that today.

I managed to get back to coding my install scripts and undid most of the work I did last night. It was not working. I managed to get everything to work and to clean-up some of the work. I just rewrote most of it.

I went out for lunch; I drove Air Volvo to the gas station (I think it is the first refill this year). I then drove to Wendy’s and brought back Wendy’s chili for lunch. One of my fav. I remember when there was only one Wendy’s in Owosso, Michigan when I was still in high school. It seemed so special to get a burger at Wendy’s that tasted so good. Wendy’s, to me, is a high-class burger.

I had a few more status meetings, and I finished the scripts today. It all seems to be working.

I made dinner after a short nap and doing some Fritz Leiber reading. I am reading that to relax a bit. It is Swords and Sorcery style and my fav. I recommend Fritz Leiber’s world of Nehwon books.

I made scrambled eggs with a bowl of canned peaches for dinner for Susie and me.

I went back to work in the morning India time, 9:30PM, and we had a short alignment meeting. We will get Saturday and most of Sunday off.

22,428 people were vaccinated yesterday. This number will likely increase as the final counts take 72 hours to post. I checked again today, and there were no appointments available for us. We will keep checking.

1,794 people in the USA died today of the virus.

I turned to We’ll Understand It Better By and By and this version is my fav so far–Methodist Hymnal #525.

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