Day 361: Tuesday With Shot Planning

I got a call from Jennie Fast that there is a vaccine two-day clinic opening at Nike. I managed to get two appointments for us, Friday for me and then Saturday for Susie. Later, I received an email from the clinic that the set-up of the clinic was not done right, and we should give up our appointment if we are not in group 1A or 1B in Washington County. We are still the required group and happy to get an appointment. I hope they will not cancel the whole thing; I plan to go first to find my way to help Susie on Saturday.

A friend of mine, a dentist, suggested taking some Tylenol to help with the side effects of the Covid-19 shot. I will follow his plan of 1000 mg just before the shot and 500 every six hours.

Returning to this morning, I started at 6:15ish this morning. My first meeting, an all-employee meeting, was at 7. This meeting was well put together by the CEO and removed some of the issues from the day before. Clarity was provided.

I then started an endless set of Zoom meetings and crises of the moment. All my teams are rushing and pushing now. The work is coming due, and there is a lot to finish-up.

I managed to get my walk in and walked my usual 1/2 mile for Tuesday. My breathing was better as I managed to keep active this weekend. Use it or lose it!

We are facing some drama from our church and the central church. I talked to some of my church friends about that today. I will not cover it here.

I ordered lunch from Gyro House, lamb gyro, and a side of hummus and bread. I made for Susie when she started up late some breakfast of yogurt and cereal.

The day continued with Zoom status meetings until about 3ish. I did a demo and showed how my recently written software worked to install some software. I managed to show it all working.

I then listened to more status and did a few more crises of the moment. I took a break at 4ish.

I nodded off while reading and started dinner at 5:15ish by baking some chicken that I sliced up. I put it over pasta with alfredo sauce from a jar. I did not like the sauce, so I will look up how to make it from scratch. Susie approved of dinner.

I managed to get that done and watch some news before it was time to log back in to work. I am still working India mornings, about 9ish PST. I tried to help with a few issues. I finished at about 9:45ish.

8,760 people were vaccinated yesterday in Oregon. This number will likely increase as it takes 72 hours to collect all the data and get it posted.

1,704 people are reported to have died today in the USA from Covid-19. The number was low yesterday; this sudden doubling might be a correction and not a sudden increase. Let us hope for that.

I turned to Savior of the Nations, Come. This is from Martin Luther. This uses a 14th-century tune from Bach, going old school.

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