Year 0 Day 362: Wednesday Strange

In Hitchhikers Guild to the Universe, Arthur Dent says he can never get the hang of Thursdays. Today I could not find my groove for today, Wednesday. I managed to experience unrelenting status meetings via Zoom and handle crises of the moment, but I could not make any progress on anything.

I did get my blood test scheduled for tomorrow. My doctor has been after me to show up for a check-up, and I have not been willing until now. I will see him on Monday, a year in lockdown later.

I received a tower model from Italy today for playing the figure-based game Frostgrave. The tower is laser-cut particleboard and is more ruins to assemble and paint as scenery for my playing of Frostgrave. You are supposed to have enough ruins and buildings to prevent any clear sight across the playing surface. This is on 3’x4′ mat that looks like frozen ruins. I have most of what I need to play–it was a fav a few years ago, and the new second edition looks even better.

I did not get the mat I ordered. It appears that the shipment was split into two boxes. I sent a message to PWorks to check the second shipment. Sadly, I bought the tower only because the initial shipping cost was high, so I added the tower at no extra shipping cost. I want the mat. Let’s hope it will appear in the next few days.

I was a bit late for lunch with Mariah at 9 Dang Thai near Orenco Station. I went for my walk and did the whole walk today, more than a mile, and then found the package. I was trying to trace it and lost track of time. I managed to be just a few minutes behind Mariah as she was running late.

Flowers are coming out now. This is near the stream at the end of my walk.

I had Chicken with Cashews, and Mariah had something that was on fire. We had a nice lunch and chatted. I was a bit distracted by all the crazy work items that all started hitting just before lunch, so it was a bit muted conversion. It was still nice to get out and enjoy some Thai food!

I drove back and picked up Susie a Happy Meal. The folks at McDonald’s did not put apple slices in like I requested. Susie was not happy to not get her apples!

I logged back on to work. I handled a few more crises of the moment, and more status meetings had me enjoying Zoom all afternoon. I took a break then. I checked up on email a few times. My asthma, even with the walk, was still troubling me. I got back up and sorted the pile of boxes and recycling to see if moving would help, no.

I read some more and got up a few more times.

I made dinner, Whole Food’s pork chops with boiled red potatoes and corn niblets (Schwann’s frozen cooked in the microwave). I fried the chops in a pan to get them a bit brown and then baked them in a glass dish.

Susie thought it was good.

I am also watching old Fowle’s War episodes on Apple TV. I really like the show, and I only got about 1/2 through WW2 last year. The show goes on with quite a few seasons. It finishes with WW2 and enters the Cold War. I recommend it (I just buy seasons). I put on the show while using the kitchen or doing the dishes.

I looked back at the start of this blog as we are coming to completing a whole year. I had forgotten about the liquidity crises of March 2020.

14,081 people were vaccinated yesterday in Oregon. These numbers will likely increase as it takes 72 hours to get all the counts and post them. Our county, Washington, is at 16.5% vaccinated.

1,610 people died today in the USA from the virus.

My first song for the blog was “This Is My Song” on March 15, 2020–my fav hymn. Later in 2020, I found this song to the same tune, Finlandia, and I like the words better: Tribute to the Nations. Enjoy!




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