Year 0 Day 363: Thursday with Pub

The morning started with me sleeping into 7ish, having my first Zoom status call at 8:30, and then having non-stop Zoom when I was back online until 5ish.

I had a messy day as I need to get labs done for my doctor’s appointment on Monday. Blood draw and so on. So I had to step out at 10:30ish and drive to my appointment. I checked in by text and read Modular Forms and Fermat’s Last Theorem. A book that purports to explain at the graduate level the wonderful proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem; it is very advance and, I do enjoy it, much flies over my head. I am just into the next section and have only a basic understanding of what I have read so far.

I worked on eclipse tracing in college, and it is an eclipse used in the solution, so I am interested in the underlying math. I am surprised how much math has advanced in this book. I am not sure my knowledge is enough to process the modular forms, but it is worth trying.

The tests are familiar, and all the precautions made me feel safe. It was funny when they asked me “if I have had any of the blah, blah symptoms,” and I said, “no, blah, blah.” Yes, we all know them. They did take my temperature; I was fine.

I went to Panera for lunch at Cedar Mills Mall in Beaverton. I have not been there since the last lockdown in Fall 2020. I used the terminal and ordered my fav, a tuna fish sandwich with broccoli cheese soup, with coffee. The tests are fasting tests, so this was the first coffee and food for today.

I continued to read and slowly watched as tables were not cleaned and the staff was not socially distancing. There were no fresh stains from the cleaner on my table. I slowly began to feel unsafe and left with my coffee half-finished. I will not return to that Panera.

I drove towards home and stopped and got Susie a very happy meal this time. Apple slices were included with the six-piece Chicken McNuggets this time! Susie was happy to get that.

I returned to Zoom meetings all afternoon. Alignment and technical design session replaced the usual status meeting today. It was nice to do some thought on design.

I finished about 5ish today and then ordered Chinese food, Susie’s idea, delivered from Happy Panda. It was all good. Susie had her Chicken with Cashews. I added Shanghai Noodles and Coconut Milk Curry Chicken for Corwin and me. It was above average.

This evening is the 2nd Thursday, so we have Theology Pub tonight. Today’s topic was about the right and left-wing church views and if a left-wing can survive. We had a good discussion, and I believe all views were heard. This, too, is done on Zoom.

I then returned to work. It is morning in India. I started the Zoom meeting. I completed a status report and talked to folks about our data conversions.

I am quite tired.

20,002 people were vaccinated in Oregon yesterday. These numbers will likely increase as it takes 72 hours to collect and post all the counts.

I went with Russian Orthodox tonight: God the Omnipotent.

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