Year 0 Day 364: Moderna!

It is funny to be at almost a year of blogging, and I am now further in on lockdown as I worked from home last year because of allergies. The sneezing was scaring people, so I started working remotely, as we called it before. Now we just call it working.

The morning was full of chaos as many important processes were not working for data movements. The status reports caused more meetings and more rushing. It was a busy morning.

I had to skip-out of the rest of the day as I had a Covid-19 vaccination appointment at noon. Nike WHQ was hosting the Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue vaccination clinic for Washington county for two days. I had managed to get an appointment today and one for Susie on Saturday. I wanted to do one by myself; thus, I would be able to help Susie on Saturday as I would have already experienced the process.

I was there twenty minutes early, and they have me through security and told me being early was fine. I joined a Q of cars. We answered questions along the way and showed ID, and filled out paperwork. It was simple, and nobody was in a great hurry. Everyone wanted to get through the process.

The car line into LA Garage at Nike WHQ. It felt like home to me.

It seemed like a car wash for a bit. When I finally got to the injection part, I started to get nervous. Not about the shot, but how I could not believe that I finally had a chance to get the shot after all this time. It did not hurt, and then I drove through the rest of the process and got my next appointment and my vaccine card.

I picked up lunch at Burger King and started to feel a bit tired–I brought Susie back a Whopper Jr with just cheese and fried cheese sticks instead of their terrible fried. I took 500 mg Tylenol and read and rested. I felt a bit off and tired. I could not be sure if it was the relief, the vaccine, or all the hours of this week working Beaverton and India time. I am feeling fatigued writing this now.

I received my missing mat from Italy today for Frostgrave. As it takes little effort, I decided to build the medieval tower and ruins I also received from the gaming company PWorks in Italy. It takes little effort to assemble it, and it was something to do.  So I built it and put the initial paint on it.

Here it is with a few frost grave figures.

Corwin needed a lift, so I drove him across Beaverton, and we got lunch at Carl’s Jr. I had a Western Burger. I drove home getting more tired, and made Susie a grilled cheese for dinner. I think her sandwich was better than my burger.

Susie’s shot is 9:20ish at Nike WHQ on Saturday.

23,075 people were vaccinated yesterday in Oregon. These numbers will likely increase as it takes 72 hours to get all the counts entered.

1,505 people are reported to have died from Covid-19 in the USA today.

I found this, and I liked it: United Nations Hymn.


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