Year 0 Day Last (365): Susie Vaccinated

We started this morning with me waiting for Susie to get ready. We managed to leave about 9ish for the 9:24AM appointment for a Corvid-19 shot for Susie. This was a repeat of yesterday where I got my shot at Nike WHQ. I was ready with everything that needed to be done as I had done it the day before.

The speed limit at Nike WHQ is 14.5, the largest shoe size we make.

Susie got her shot, and she was just tired and rested for a bit, possibly from just getting going early, and Susie has had no paint or other side-effects.

I have had body aches, pain in my arm, and feeling run-down all day. I am taking some Tylenol to keep the side-effects under control.

I made mac and cheese for lunch. I also had some kielbasa that I cut thing and fried in a pan to brown it a bit and bring out more flavor. Susie had some lunch later after her nap.

Evan came over, and we played a few games of Vindication. I was stupidly lucky in the first game and won easily. The second game had Evan pull ahead, and the End Conditions Card, which we forgot to deal out, ended the game when we finally remembered them. One of the issues in the original version I played before the game was finished was that the game had no end. Apparently, the variable End Condition card was the answer. Thusly, today our games ended early. Evan beat me in the second game.

We then tried our hands at Frostgrave. I got out the terrain for 29mm figures, a newly acquired winter ruins mat from Italy, and my figures I assembled and painted for Frostgrave. We then had to create a war party for each of us. This took about an hour. We then had to set-up the table and learn the game. Frostgrave game rules are easy to follow, and it fun to have a wizard and apprentice shoot off spells. And to have some tough guys like thugs or, in Evan’s case, a man of arms to provide more direct action on the enemy. We played a treasure hunt basic game. We put five treasures on the map, and the team that recovered the most wins. We had a big fight over the central treasure, and my thugs, cheap help, and my crossbowman fell to the Grenade spell cast by Evan’s apprentice. My wizard and apprentice did manage to get two treasures off the map. The central treasure was grabbed by Evan’s warband giving him the victory of one more treasure.

Here is some terrain with a few wizard figures.

I have to re-read the rules a bit as we were unsure of a few items. It was still fun to get out the tape measures and all the cool figures and play a fantasy raid on the lost city of Frostgrave to recover treasure–the base scenario. We will play again; now that we have warbands done, it will be more play and less paperwork. I have more interesting scenarios besides just raiding and fighting over the treasure.

We ordered pick-up at Nonna Emilia Ristorante Italiano. We had soup, garlic bread, and pasta dishes. They forgot the salad. I called them, and they sounded upset I would bother them. I had them give me credit for my next meal for the price of the salad. I was not that happy with Nonna Emilia tonight. I did like my meal, as did Evan and Susie. We will try them again and see if their service is better.

We watched the movie The Prestige on prime while we ate. A dark fairy tale also parts horror story about magicians in the late 1880s. I liked it when it came out years ago. It was fun to see David Bowie as Tesla. I cannot recommend the movie, but I do like it. I like The Illusionist better. I am also loved Now You See Me two movies.

Evan headed home. I went and set the clocks ahead. Welcome to Daylight Savings Time 2021!

18,556 people were vaccinated yesterday in Oregon. These numbers may increase as it takes a while to get all the counts in.

1,037 people died in the USA today from the infection.

I have to go with the Battle Hymn of the Republic with all the people helping us today. It made you proud and happy.

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