Year 1 Day 1 (357): Sunday House Work

It is rainy gray here, and the rain is sideways. It can hit you in the face. It is also the first day of time-change, Spring Forward; we are all suffering from the day passing by faster than expected. I talked to a friend, and she is having trouble getting motivated; it is a good day for a book and a warm cup of tea, and a blanket.

Time change day just sucks.

I reset all the locks before going to bed and woke at 6ish this morning. I closed my eyes for what I know was only seconds, and it was 9:50ish! I got up before I blinked, and it was Monday! I have too much to do, and life is just too short to sleep the day away.

I did the dishes. They were piled high. The dishwasher was full of clean dishes. I thus unloaded it and then reloaded it. How so few can produce so many dirty dishes so fast is a mystery I have found no explanation.

I then put away all the terrain and figures for Frostgrave. The newest items, 3D printed items from 3DEgos in California, need to be primed and painted gray. I am out of gray primer spray paint.

So off shopping. Stopped by Rainy Day Games, the local gaming store a few miles away, and they have no gray primer.

I go grocery shopping. I pick up all I believe we need, including paper products and even wipes are back in stock! I filled my cart. I then had to wait as Safeway does not want you to use humans to check you out. Previously, I spent 45 minutes learning how to be a checker at the manual check stand. I had to get help multiple times as items need various codes to be purchased or set them down wrong. I was not going to enjoy this for a full load. I tweeted a complaint, and Safeway finally opened another lane; I doubt my tweet helped. I did get a reply to my tweet about 30 minutes later asking what store I was at, obviously a robot, and I replied that the information was in the tweet (I had used the location pin on the tweet).

My last place was Lowell’s, as I needed a new air filter for the furnace. I replace them often. This time I spent big money and bought a $30+ filter that is 4 inches thick. I have used only one-inch standard filters so far. This huge thing was going to upgrade our air quality. I got the smaller ones if I needed to replace the huge one suddenly, two-pack for under twenty bucks.

I drove home, and we installed all the goodies. The new filter went in with difficulty. I think I will remove it in pieces in a few months, but we have super filtering for now.

Corwin ordered Mexican from a local place, and we ate that while watching the old SciFi Stargate movie. I forgot how good the movie was. It is also full of cigarette smoking–I had not noticed before.

I had to go back to work at 9ish as we are still running conversions. I also applied a vendor patch, an OSS note for those who know SAP, and it hit a previous upgrade patch, a TCI for those who know SAP, and I am not sure what to do. I sent an email for folks to look to SAP for help.

I also went online to the Army Painter website and ordered my gray primer paint. It is free shipping from them; Amazon sells the same paint for 2x cost.

So I am writing this while I am logged into work and have to stop and listen and talk.

15,530 people, including Susie, received that vaccine for Covid-19 yesterday. Just under 5,400, Johnson & Johnson one-shot vaccine was given on this day. Oregon is now ramping up this vaccine.

Deaths in the USA today was only 629. Let us hope this is real and not caused by reporting timing, and we will see a high number tomorrow.

I think I know this hymn, My Faith Looks Up to Thee–Methodist Hymnal #452. Each line ends with a conclusion phrase that I kind of like.


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