Year 1 Day 2: Monday Medical

Today I took the day off. I was up about 7ish and put in my out-of-office on and finished the end-of-week e-paperwork. I did the dishes and made a light breakfast for me and coffee. I have my first doctor check-up since the Convid-19 emergency. I did a blood draw and other labs on Friday and read the results online. I had a mental list of items to bring to the doctor. I drove over to the local office.

I was a bit early, so I spent a few minutes in the car reading the news.

After the normal process of finding some paper to sign, even after I did all the online forms and even scanned and uploaded my insurance card, I started my appointment. The doc had an EKG done, and we changed most of my medications and found some more—the usual for a 55+ guy in a high-stress job. My EKG was fine. It was a long appointment, as I expected. I have follow-ups in a month.

I picked up a fish sandwich for myself and Susie’s fav of McDonald’s Happy Meal with six-piece Chicken McNuggets with apples. My flounder sandwich was from Popeye’s and spicy.

Once home, I went back to the Raspberry Pi (RP) I set up this morning. An RP is a single-board Linux computer that is inexpensive and mostly open source and open hardware. I found this newer version fast enough for the work I have in mind. I have a 400, a Pi built into a keyboard, and wanted to start some project to control some motors. I managed to get it running attached to my nice 15″ screen that runs on USB-C and then powered the Raspberry Pi from the screen.

I discovered that I needed to install the full package as the RP 400 was only a base install. I loaded the rest of the normal install for RP and now used Visual Studio for Python coding. I copied a small program I have out in public (GitHub Repo alohawild/python_class) for using a Monty Carlo to calculate the value of pi. Kind of cute to do on an RP. I managed to get it to run and prove that I had set-up Python development. I will try to find some more time to do more work in Python soon.

Susie had a dentist appointment today also. I got her there and then managed to get most of my prescriptions while waiting for her. A few had to wait a day for RiteAid to have the drug. I should have my new blood pressure and cholesterol control prescription by noon on Tuesday. As my doctor and I both agree, 2021 is not the year to ignore medical recommendations!

Susie finished her cleaning at the dentist without any events.

We had a strange power surge and outage. There was a large bang too outside. It seems yet-another-transformer exploded. Our endless rain shortens the life expectancy of various electrical equipment. My charger for my laptop seems to be running strangely now–it might have been zapped. I will keep an eye on it.

I got pizza and salad for dinner at Papa Murphy’s Take and Bake Pizza. You get an uncooked pizza and take it home to bake. I also got the Chopped Chicken Ceasar Salad; it is the Ides of March, after all.

Tonight we played Roll20 online Dungeons and Dragons 5E. We continued on with the adventuring in the Mad Mage’s Dungeon. The players decided, now 13th level, to turn over the defeated lich’s phylactery to the water genie, gaining the treasure as a reward. Next, they plan to fight the other genie and take its treasure. This plan worked, and the other genie surrendered after it was badly injured.

The adventurers then headed down into the creepy and spooky next level. They are in a dark dwarf worked-out mine where the walls are bleeding, and the air has a breeze that smells of roses and brimstone. Ominous.

15,529 people were vaccinated in Oregon yesterday.

785 people in the USA died from Corvid-19 today. The numbers appear to show a reduction.

I picked Morning Has Broken for today.

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