Year 1 Day 3: Busy Tuesday

I got started at 6:30, even with my alarm going off at 6. I just rolled over for a bit. Trying to get through the time change. My first Zoom meeting was an alignment meet between a software vendor and Nike and is India and Beaverton based people. This followed with hours and hours of more Zoom meetings. I was triple-booked a couple of times, and meetings appeared dynamically too. So a crazy meeting-filled morning.

Susie was up at 7:30 for her 9ish appointment with Zerida for hair, nails, etc. We moved this to Tuesday. Susie’s driver was on time.

I ordered lunch from Ma-Now Thai, Massaman Cury–my usual. Susie brought back a Chicken McNugget Happy meal, her fav with apples.

I was doing e-paperwork and Zoom meetings all afternoon with a couple 30 minutes breaks. I had a few architectural meetings as we are now getting down to deadlines, and items must be decided. I was done about 5ish. I did slip out to get my prescriptions; more from yesterday.

We also slipped in a walk for Susie between meetings down our street. It was a sunny cold day. By late afternoon it was warmer. Susie walked about 1/3, and then I pushed her back on her walker–it has a seat and wheels.

I made Schwann’s baked potato skins with cheese and bacon for Susie, and I had a salad and sneaked maybe two potato skins. Corwin ordered Mexican and had it delivered.

I did some work on my Raspberry Pi 400. I wanted to write a program to get the CPU temperature in Python. I found an example that did not work in Python3, but I worked out the issue and can finish it tomorrow. I plan to get my “space lobster” robot control program working soon on the 400. I will then take the code and install it on another Raspberry Pi built into a boat. More on that later.

RP 400 with mouse and my cool USB powered monitor powering the RP 400

AdaFruit package arrived today. I have all the parts to build an inductively charged item embedded in resin—so more crafty work to come.

I am back online at 9 with India morning (now an hour earlier for India–9:30AM instead of a more pleasant 10:30AM). We are having a working session on a very detailed conversion process.

A very long day!

13,529 people were vaccinated in Oregon yesterday. This number will likely increase as it takes 72 hours for the counts to be all collected.

1,248 people in the USA died today from the infection.

I found this hymn for the late 1800s that is pleasant, My Faith Looks Up to Thee–Methodist Hymnal 452. I think I have sung it before, but I do not remember it well, just the “Savior divine!” phrase.

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