Year 1 Day 4: Buried Wednesday

I started at 6ish this morning and went to 4 with only a few 30 min breaks. I made lunch between meetings and was rushing the whole time. I had a salad and chicken noodle soup from a can that I shared with Susie. I got her some peanut butter toast to make it a more filling lunch.

I managed to attend the online ASUG (American SAP User Group) for Enterprise Architecture today over lunch. It was good to see Todd Lutz and Peter Keller, who I have presented together at many SAP conferences. It was, of course, a Zoom meeting.

The project I am working on is started to reaching real deliverables and facing some challenges. This means that an architect, like me, is needed everywhere all the time. So I had 8 hours of Zoom calls today! Some were booked over other calls making me late for some.

I am also facing new medications for high blood pressure and cholesterol that I started yesterday. The side effects are different than my previous meds, and I nearly relived my oatmeal breakfast. I did manage to hold it together. The headache, nausea, and endless stops to the bathroom did ease-up this afternoon. Ugh!

However, the dizziness and fuzziness are gone. My thinking seems clearer and more like myself. But I will not have oatmeal Thursday morning!

Work was full of items for me to work on all simultaneously—the usual about this point in a project.

I disconnected my USB-powered monitor from my Raspberry Pi and used it as an extra monitor for work. I have to do some vendor patch (OSS note to those who speak SAP) with complex manual instructions. I put the instructions up on one screen while I made the coding and setting changes on the other. I ran into procedure issues. I think I can resolve them, but I will likely try to fix it this coming morning.

I was so busy I had to get out another screen!

I stopped at 4ish and rested a bit. I seem more tired than normal. Again, this may be new medications or the long hours working Portland and India times. Or even that it is time change week.

I boiled a corned beef today for nearly three hours and then baked it for 45 minutes. Perfect! I dumped most of the water and put red potatoes, carrots, one sliced onion, and a cabbage head cut into large pieces with more water. So Irish styled dinner today. I cut the corned beef against the grain, of course. I managed to slip this in before another meeting.

Susie and I enjoyed dinner while watching the PBS BBC news. I only saw about 1/2 the news as I might have nodded off. I put the oldie shows Susie likes and went and took a nap and read a bit.

I have to work again at 9ish, India morning.

Only 7,849 people were vaccinated in Oregon yesterday. This is less than half the normal count. These numbers may be low as it takes 72 hours for all the values to be collected and posted.

1,288 people died from Covid-19 today in the USA. The numbers are still staying high.

It was a sunny cool day and the local woodpecker is hammering my metal chimney. I yelled up the fireplace and he left (it is a male that hammers metal to summon mates and to tell the other males to move-on).

In the Garden by Johnny Cash just seemed a good song for a crazy day when you can only look out the window.

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