Year 1 Day 5: Endless Thursday

I am still working on India time. It is now after midnight. I am still working while writing this too.

Before returning to work, Susie and I met Mariah at Rock Wood Fired Pizza place. Susie had a late lunch before, just appetizers for her. Sweet pizza dough and some chips and dip. I had a calzone, and Mariah had a small pizza. We had a different waiter this time, but most of the staff knew us.

It was the first time I used the bathroom at the Rock and walked into a man not wearing any mask. I stepped back like he was a vampire appearing. He did not know why I would not let him hold the door for me and then realized he did not have a mask on. He apologized. I was still in shock to accept his words, and he quickly left. I then used the facility and washed my hands with great care. I used a paper towel to open the door. Yikes!

Work was full of emergency after emergency. I started at 7ish, and meetings started, and I was helping to get some changes done. It was just a day of herding cats explaining that we need the fixes to anyone and everyone who would listen.

I am tolerating my new medications for high blood pressure and cholesterol. I feel like I am a water filter now. I am still having some nausea and I felt unwell right after dinner and then I was better.

I will not cover much of this as it was just a long and busy day: endless Zoom meetings and texts and slack channel updates, still ongoing now.

I am too tired to do much more.

18,412 people were vaccinated yesterday in Oregon. This number may increase as it takes 72 hours to post all the counts. The Wednesday counts were increased from the low numbers I reported yesterday.

1,705 people in the USA are reported to have died today from Covid-19.

I picked ‘Tis the Old Ship of Zion for today.



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