Year 1 Day 10: Back to It Tuesday

Just a short story for today.

I started at 6ish as I had a 7:10 Zoom meeting with leadership here and India for our data conversions. I had trouble getting to sleep last night. The pain in my legs and joints was finally brought under control by some old-fashioned aspirin. I was tired, but I managed to start another workday.

I had status and alignment meetings all morning. Coffee helped, but I was not guzzling it at least. A bagel and banana to start also.

I experienced many crises of the moment that I was able to handle. The morning was a blur of email coming at me like I was driving on the autobahn going the wrong way–some form of controlled chaos that all you can do is try to not make a mistake. I survived this chaos finding a figurative off-ramp about noon and had lunch.

I ordered Chicken Tikka Massala from Biryani Corner delivered by GrubHub. It was actually not spicy. It helped me get through the day, remember all the cooking I have done, making this for more than a hundred people, and all my trips to India. Mine is better.

I had another two hours of Zoom meetings. Many included frustration as many folks send the next group the problems instead of accepting a solution that may mean more work, but it would be over. I try to practice my smile and wave at these moments.

I took a break as I was running down. I managed to get back around 5:30ish to apply a requested vendor fix (an OSS note to those who speak SAP) and put off another patch that is more of a journey until tomorrow morning. I don’t like to start those so late as it can easily turn into an all-night process.

After little thought, I decided to drive and pick-up Olive Garden. Kids-sized chicken alfredo for Susie and a Tour of Italy for me. I got a huge salad. That is the only reason I do Olive Garden. Well, then there is Tiramisu too.

I drove on the wonderful sunny day and then waited in the pick-up area in the cool breeze. I was 25 minutes early; who cares! I called them, and they came out and told me it would be a while, and I told them to take their time.

The manager brought out a bag of food. I drove hit home. I drove by my church, and the Pride flag is still on the building. Often Spring Break and Holy Week are times when someone takes the flag. We always assume positive intent–they needed the flag. I have a spare one ready. I buy them in pairs. When the last one is put up, I order new poles and flags. They keep needing the flags, so I keep supplying them.

I called Governor Brown’s office today, Oregon’s governor. I left feedback that I was unhappy with the declining rate of vaccination in the state. You just leave a recorded message.

Mrs. Wild (mom) is doing well after her Covid-19 vaccination yesterday.

10,845 people were vaccinated yesterday in Oregon. This is a low number and let us hope it is soon increased as the rest of the counts are applied to the total over the next 72 hours.

936 people are reported in the USA today to have died from Covid-19.

I picked one song I miss as this is really a group project: All The Saints.

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