Year 1 Day 11: Endless Application Wednesday

I was able to sleep in a bit to 6:30ish and then started on my normal reading emails and dealing with anything that happened overnight or later on Tuesday. I had a few crises of the moment that I cleared and helped a few folks find their way, cat herding.

I then spent seven hours straight on apply and fixing a vendor patch. This is the patch (or OSS note for those who speak SAP) that continues to call in more and more patches until it becomes pages and pages. Then, of course, something circular references, and the fails happen. I tried to fight my way first and then decided to apply the note with all the errors and then back the whole thing out. This often leads to the computer version of bread crumbs that the reapplication can follow. I also applied and then accepted errors that were then fixed and then tried again. Finally, the patch was applied.

I ordered lunch while this was going on and vaguely remembering eating it. I ate bites so fast I had some issues. I had to stop and try to eat slower. Sadly I was rushing through delicious food from Gyro House today. I had a platter as I was not going to want a gyro while I am heads-down fixing and applying code and other changes.

Susie was up late today, and I got her coffee and water, and breakfast. I was rushing, but she was reading and watching her fav game shows. The Chase is quite good.

Of course, something broke from the patch. I found an object that got a syntax failure. No way to impress your SAP colleagues and Nike experts by leaving that in place! I found the missing patch because not only did the patch have a circular reference it was missing a prerequisite! The code managed to split over to fixes, so we will have to figure out how to combine the fixes. That can wait. Tonight India is testing.

I was a bit blurry after hours of applying and fixing and backing-up. I had my other monitor out so I could track changes on one screen while I applied them. I skipped all the status meetings today. I suspect they can manage without me.

I had one more alignment meeting at 4ish, and then after a few more crises of the moment, I stopped.

I did have another alignment that I attended at 8PM to work on the official practice conversion plan. The meeting was a new and possibly rather unique experience as they that scheduled the meeting set it to China hours and did not include anyone from China. We just got through it with a few smiles.

I made dinner of pan-fried burgers with cheese—frozen patties from Safeway. I made green beans (Schwann’s) in the microwave. I was a bit burned-out and kept everything simple. I did split a Duvel, Belgium beer, with Susie. Time for an adult beverage.

I also built a small proof-of-concept circuit for my new candle-flicker LEDs. They have so many applications in board games! The LED blinks and flashes like a candle without any hardware except a power source. I have special switches that, if you turn them over, turn off (no mercury) the circuit off. Little coin cells can power this. So exciting. I got out my wire wrapping stuff and have the test circuit done. I did not yell out, “It’s alive!” when it lighted and went out when turned over.

My gaming friend Richard has asked me to paint some figures for him for his games. I have already done some items for him. He had offered money, but I will just take some supplies. So back to painting. “Excellent,” in Mr. Burns’s voice.

I did assemble some of my terrain sets today. I also managed to get glue on my hand and nearly became one with my building matt. I was so excited to have something done, even with the excessive glue. It was not like band camp for those who know that movie.

17,914 people in Oregon received a vaccination yesterday. This number may increase as it takes 72 hours to post all the counts to the website.

I was happy to hear that Colorado is now vaccinating over 50 folks. Thanks, Peter Keller, for letting me know, and best wishes for a happy experience.

And it sad to say another 1,405 people in the US succumb to the virus today.

Lastly, I turned to this hymn and thought it is a good one for today: Help Us Accept Each Other.

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