Year 1 Day 12: Start weekend Thursday

I took Friday off. I will attend the weekly team meeting on Friday for one team as it is important to be supportive.

I just finished at 8:45PM my last meeting, a planning meeting for data conversions with China on China time.

Let’s go backward today.

Tonight, I masked the bases of figures I am painting for a friend. I bought a spare set of the board game Scythe’s models from the game manufacturer. I will switch these for unpainted ones; I always have a spare unpainted set. I keep painting them for friends who have a copy of Scythe. I am using a Japanese model masking take. You can cut it into a mask over parts with a sharp knife (I use a scalpel).

Scythe Mechs primed black and overshot with white. The others are getting masked.

Before this, I was reading a new space opera series starting with On Basilisk Station. I have read David Weber, and he can be hit or miss. The book has sudden scene changes that have left me confused. The story has a lot of sudden advancements too. I bought the two first ones for free. I hope it gets better. 

Dinner was Orecchiette Pasta, De Cecco, with Vodka Sauce from a jar (Whole Foods), and I baked frozen Italian-styled meatballs in the oven (Schwann’s). I have to admit I love the feel of Orecchiette and had three bowls. The meatballs are average–I will have to find a recipe–but are still good with sauce.

I slipped out from work after the last 3ish status meeting. Four hours of Zoom status meetings today!

I picked up three bottles of paint, glue, and a painting tray at Tammy’s Hobbies today in Beaverton. The older gentleman at the checkout was not wearing his mask. When he checked me out, he still had his mask only over his mouth. I was not impressed. The rest of the store staff and customers were closely following mask-wearing and social distancing.

I spoke to the gentleman who does the trains at Tammy’s, he was correctly wearing his mask, and I told him about my new candle flicker LEDs that I purchased. He looked them up on the Internet and was thinking those could be useful for the train folks. Usually, a small electronic board is needed to get the same look–this would reduce the cost and complexity of a train layout. I was looking for tiny windows, but he could not find tiny windows for me but thought maybe the Z scale would work. These train guys have all the cool toys!

I then stopped by RiteAid and got my twice-daily inhaler prescription. As I read in the insurance changes for this year, my co-payment is now larger for inhalers as the insurance wants to discourage them (!?). But the $100.00 charge did surprise me. I have little to say about that here. I also got some milk and coffee.

Moving towards the morning, lunch was Pad Thai with shrimp from Ma-Now that was delivered by GrubHub (I typed GitHub originally, which is only funny to computer people). Susie was happy for Pop-tarts today. I had forgotten about them and thought it would be a treat, and it was.

I slept into 8ish today. I never do that. I am still recovering, as I said.

23,339 people in Oregon were vaccinated yesterday. The previous day’s totals are also better as it takes 72 hours to get all the counts and post them.

1,165 people died from the virus today in the USA. We are witnesses to their loss by stating the count here. I do not know these people, but their loss is felt.

Today’s song is sad, but it fits our loss of so many: No Man Is An Island.

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