Year 1 Day 13: Day Off Friday

I started this morning after a difficult night. Susie could not sleep, and I was kept up with only a final few hours of sleep when Susie finally settled. The alarm went off at 6ish, and I then rolled over at got going almost too late, 7:15ish.

I joined the team meeting at 7:30 without a video. I wanted to be supportive, we have some much critical work to do. It is important to attend one of our few all-team meetings with much of the team present in the Zoom meeting (only two members out of the 25+ members were missing). It was a good meeting and very positive.

I then logged out of Nike’s network and put away the Nike laptop. I will get it out on Monday. I took off today.

I then spent hours and hours masking bases for Scythe mechs. These are solid-colored plastic and work well just as they are, but they just don’t look cool. I painted my own game’s copy, and I liked the improvement. I am painting now a set for a friend. I like to leave the original plastic on the base. You can repaint it, but I think it matches better unpainted.

So far I have painted three factions; each faction has four matching mechs in the board game Scythe, black and then with white overspray, to get a 3D look. This is my new painting process. I will wash out the paints a bit so the colors will be dark in shadows and bright on the light hit surfaces. I then touch it up a bit. Before the colored painting, they look like an x-ray of the figure.

The masking and the special 10mm Tamiya tape I learned to use building static ship models. You have to do a lot of masking on naval WW1 and WW2 and modern ships models. This tape cuts well with a scalpel. You can press it around something that is sticking up and then cut around it. This seems to take forever, but it is part of the painting process. I use an airbrush for ship often to keep the paint layers thin.

Susie was up in the morning, she got some sleep, and joined me to drive to Burger King for burgers and cheese sticks (no terrible Burger King Fries!). I had spent the morning masking and spray painting.

I also started to fix up the terrain items I got from California. They are 3D printed and the printing delaminated in a few places. Also, there are tiny whisps of filament everywhere. I will wash them tomorrow in soap and water after the filler and other items harden up. I will be painting them plain gray for now.

I went to Hillsboro to walk and shop a bit. I parked the car on the street and saw most folks were masked, so I felt better. I went to Hobbie Shop, I think that is the name, on Main Street. John, the train guy, helped me find some etched brass figures and promised if he found some windows for me, tiny, he would put them aside for me. John is older and gray and was not wearing his mask right, and social distancing seemed impossible for him once he got excited. He did find a huge source of etched brass for me for plains, trains, and ships (mostly WW2 750 scale), but not what I wanted.

I usually am worried when someone can’t get masks and social distancing right. John shared with me that he is battling cancer, and I think he was just happy to have a fellow model builder talk to him. He showed me what he was working on when the shop was not too busy. He is building a rig painted the same colors as the one he drove when he was a trucker.

I bought the tape and a steel set of tiny figures for something else I am working on. The figures are from Eduard. I plan to put them on my Scythe factory I am also painting. It will create a scale on the figure.

I walked a full circle of Hillsboro buying coffee at Bennett Coffee Roasting Coffee. The walk was more than I usually do while working. It felt good to get a long walk in. My feet hurt by the time I got back to the car.

I returned home and took a nap. I awoke and started on dinner. I made pork chops and green beans (both from Schwann’s), trying to put a dent in our vast supply of frozen items. I found a box of cornbread muffins, Dan’s, that is easy and tastes great and made those too. I put butter, salt, and almond slices in a pan and heated that. I put the beans in that from the microwave. It jazzes them up just enough.

I continued to mask the figures and apply black and white paint to the masked Scythe mechs. I have two factions to prime with black and white paint and two factions to mask. Almost there. I will finish this part on Saturday morning.

I continue to read On Basilisk Station by David Weber, and it is getting better. The writing, I think, has started to work better about half-way through. There are often transitions now, and the story is not having strange pace changes.

25,541 people were vaccinated yesterday in Oregon. The numbers are going up again, and these numbers will likely increase as it 72 hours to get all the numbers posted. Like many states, Oregon is expanding who can get vaccinated starting Monday.

1,289 people in the USA died today from the virus. The death rate is no longer going down. The infection rate is also not going down anymore. We are now at the level of our first spike in June 2020.

I picked a Jewish prayer for tonight. It seemed to fit a Friday.


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