Year 1 Day 14: Another Saturday

Today I planned to play some games at Mox in Portland. But things went poorly there today, and I will not be back. I will not go into the details, but it ruined my plans for today, and I was a bit upset.

Evan was disappointed that we could not play today.

I returned home and read and tried to forget what happened. I got Susie lunch from McDonald’s, a Happy Meal with apples, and I stopped by Wendy’s for chili and fries.

I then spent the day reading. I did not work on any figure painting or making today.

Susie spent the day watching skating on NBC. Mariah asked if we could get a drink. Susie stayed home to watch skating. I brought her home a meatloaf dinner from Golden Valley Brewery. I had fish and chips, and Mariah had the chicken salad–it looked terrific!

Mariah and I left after the band started in the bar. I did not know GVB had bans in the bar. GVB is very careful, and nobody left a table without a mask on, and I saw them carefully clean every chair and table after someone left.

Susie and I then decided to watch an old movie tonight, Star Wars. We watched it on the Disney channel as Disney is now the keeper of Star Wars. This is the remade version with the improved special effects a few extra scenes.

20,559 people were vaccinated in Oregon yesterday. These numbers will likely improve as it takes a few days to update all the numbers.

787 people died in the USA from the virus today.

As we are headed into Holy Week I picked All Glory, Laud, and Honor for today.

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