Year 1 Day 15: Star Wars today

I was up a bit late this morning; I slept in and watched part of the second Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back. I had stayed up late last night and finished my book, On Basilisk Station by David Weber. It got to the final fight, and I could not put it down. It reminded me of the C.S. Forester novels I have read, space opera instead of Napoleonic sailing ships this time, and this book is dedicated to C.S. Forester. I noticed the similarities in storytelling and some characters you find in C.S. Forester’s novels. That must be why I liked it. I started the next one, and it is flowing better, and I might keep going in the series.

Mariah asked if we could meet for lunch. Susie decided to sleep in late. So Mariah and I headed to the Rock Wood Fired Pizza. I had a pizza, with extra to take home, and a salad. Mariah had a pizza for herself. I also had a beer, and we just relaxed a bit.

I got home and started laundry and watch the rest of the movie and started, yes, you can guess, The Return of the Jedi. And we got to hear the immortal words, “It’s a trap!” I do not like the teddy-bears in the movie as it looks silly to me, but it did create a well-loved animated series. I try not to cheer on the Empire when they are hunting the little fuzz-balls. I made it to the end with the teddy bear victory.

We had re-heated left-over meatloaf and pizza for dinner.

I did not do any gaming stuff or figure work today. I just read space opera and watched Star Wars. Not a bad weekend.

Oregon is opening up two weeks early for more people to get the vaccine. IT folks are declared essential, and 5April2021 starts for IT. My second shot is on 9April2021.

16,680 people in Oregon were vaccinated yesterday. This number will likely increase as it takes 72 hours to update the website with all the counts.

Five-hundred ten people are reported in the USA to have died from Covid-19 today. While the death rates are coming down, we still are witnesses to the folks we lost today.

I picked Shalom Aleichem for this Passover and Holy Week.

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