Year 1 Day 16: Monday Happens

I had a meeting at 9:30PM at night with my boss, the data conversion team, and SAP folks in India. We have complex issues, and we are looking for help. SAP is the vendor for the software that runs Nike’s accounting and fulfillment systems for the globe.

I got Susie dinner as the meeting was supposed to start at 9, it was delayed thirty minutes. We have KFC, and Susie did not know it. I was so busy on calls and then reading to find my calm place again I did not pick-up on that Susie had no dinner. Susie finally got dinner.

Before this, I had Dungeons and Dragons on Roll20. I do not want to include any spoilers here. The players managed to defeat the big boss and moved on to the next level. This level is filled with insanity. They started to explore it and found some allies that gave them a map. They then meet one of the boss monsters, and I missed almost every roll. They adventurers finished the encounter without my boss monster even doing anything! They continue to explore. The Roll20 content worked well for us tonight, and I did not have that much trouble managing a large but very short battle. The virtual lighting and the hand-out did help to be a bit of immersion to the game.

I had a meeting with China for work today that ran into my game at 6:30. This is the same issue we discussed at 9 with India.

Still going backwards, I ordered KFC for dinner as I was meeting right into my Roll20 game. Susie was resting at the time; I just put the dinner on top of the stove.

In the afternoon, I took a few breaks to read between status meetings and alignment meetings. I put in another vendor patch (SAP note for those who speak SAP) needed ASAP and handle a few crises of the moment. My work and day are much more chaotic as the projects start headed into critical deadlines.

Lunch was Don Chilitos Mexican Grill’s Mexican food–delivered from GrubHub, and I read to try to get the adventure I need to run today at 6:30 into my thinking while eating. I discovered that I needed to bring a little bit of creepiness and madness into Dungeons and Dragons today. I spent all of my lunch preparing for today’s game.

I spent the morning, starting at 6:45ish, doing non-stop status and alignment meetings. I did not get my walk today, and I was ordering lunch in moments between calls—just crazy Monday non-stop Zoom meetings. Susie had Zerida’s spa today. Susie was ready at 8ish and left with her driver at 9ish. Susie got her nails done and other treatments. She picked up a McDonald’s Happy Meal with apples (yeah!) for lunch.

Morning came too early, and I blinked, and it was 6:45!

10,067 people were vaccinated on Sunday. I hope this number will be increased as it takes 72 hours to get all the counts posted.

Five-hundred ten people died in the USA today from the infection.

I turned right to Are Ye Able in the Methodist Hymnal #530. A good song for Holy Week Monday. I like singing this one.

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