Year 1 Day 18: Sunny Wednesday

In the Pacific Northwest, it rains. It rains from November until July 4. My first year here, 1996, it did rain every day from November to July 5. My memory was not seeing a single clear day except for a freezing day in January. I remembered it being 5F.

Today, it was a perfect blue sky day. It was in the sixties. I went for a walk, and we went out for dinner and ate outside. Dry and warm–they had propane heaters for everyone. When you sit and drink beer, the 60Fs are still a bit cold.

Clarion Street

It almost feels like 2021 is trying to be a record good year.

The day started at 6:45ish, and work was a constant source of eMail and Slack messages. I managed to step out and get showered and dressed before my first meeting at 8AM. I had meetings all day, many meetings popping into my schedule without warning, and ran with only a few breaks until 4ish.

I managed to get a walk in despite the rushed day. I did my Tuesday 1/2 mile walk.

I managed to order lunch eating while working through much of lunch. I had a massaman curry with beef and ordered some spring rolls to go with it. I split it with Corwin as he was up today. Susie was up a bit later and had Eggo Waffles with peanut butter.

More meetings and more discussions. I did manage to slip in a video on The John Company, 2nd Edition board game. I am really like what they have done with the game. There so many options I do wonder what the strategy should be. The game designers are updating Kickstarter and Youtube with new information. This game is a novelist version of the East Indian Company, where you help run the company to your family’s advantage. The family that can do it best wins.

As I said before, we met Mariah and her dog at McMenamins Cedar Hills and had dinner and beer in the wonderful weather! Our waiter was new to Oregon and McMenamins. She is a Native American from North Dakota from the tribes by Spirit Lake. She had been in Oregon for a few months with her spouse-to-be.

Susie donates to the schools for the tribe.

BTW: Oregon’s minimum wage for waiters is 11.25 plus tips. Not that this wage in Oregon will make you rich, but it is better than 7.25 in North Dakota and many of the central states.

23,834 people were vaccinated in Oregon yesterday. The number will likely increase as it takes 72 hours to update all the counts and post them.

1,115 people died in the USA from Covid-19 today.

I went with In The Garden by Johny Cash.

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