Year 1 Day 19: Thursday Lovely

Today I saw this video on Facebook and had to put it in the blog. I think of my friends Peter Keller and Jan Poepke sitting in all the hotels over all the years we have worked together. I could just see them start dancing like this when nobody is looking. Missing you! Video: Fat Boy Slim: Choice of Weapon

The morning started at about 7:30ish. I first was up at 6ish and saw I had no meetings for a bit, so back to sleep. I was out the moment I closed my eyes, and poof, it was 7:30.

The chaos continued at the shoe company, and I was busy listening to meetings and having to stop multi-tasking as I often had to supply some information. Corwin was up early and made some breakfast. He made baked eggs with just a bit of shredded swiss cheese, buttered the glass dish, some milk, and no stirring to keep the yokes whole—just a sprinkle of Herbs de Provence. The eggs could have used a bit of salt but were great. Susie only wants her eggs scrambled, and thus I never bake eggs, French-style, and I forgot how good they are. Corwin said he is not frying an egg again now that he has discovered baked eggs.

I had a bagel too that I made before Corwin cooked.

The morning was full of meetings; Thursday is usually packed all day with Zoom conferences.

Susie was up about 11ish, and I got her food, Eggos with peanut butter.

I slipped out for a few minutes and drove to Popeye’s for a Spicy Chicken Sandwich. I called Dondrea while lounging in Air Volvo enjoying the perfect weather and told her I felt guilty today. Global warming has given us a lovey spring in Oregon. Other places, like the Pacific Islands Nations, are facing being drowned by rising seas and the loss of their reefs from climate change. We in Oregon have wonderful weather now. It should be gray and raining sideways with floods and building snowpacks. I should feel bad, it is so nice!

One of my Portland-based gaming opponents, Richard, texted me this afternoon, and we agreed I would come by and pick up some figures that were delivered today to paint for Richard. I showed up today, but he meant Friday and that the figures were delivered today. Oops. Richard is a local dentist and has his Covid-10 shots. We have not seen each other for over a year. I won’t play games in groups until Susie and I both have had our second shot.

I had hours more reading design documents and providing hopefully meaningful feedback and more status meetings on Zoom. I even tried to put in an official defect for our project when access to all SAP systems broke (for those who speak SAP, SAPGUI global setting were lost, and SAPGUI just stopped), but I have no access to the defect tracking software. There is some irony there that would fit Douglas Adams. The problem was resolved before they discovered I could not enter the ticket, more irony.

I then slipped out again and picked up Susie’s prescription at RiteAid and got her a McDonald Happy Meal with apples. I had a two-cheese burger meal.

QQ: When did McDonald’s stop having salads? I was going to have a Crunchy Chicken Western Salad, but they don’t have that. So two-cheese burgers meal instead.

I read another document and asked for a meeting. It has problems. I read more emails and sent and read some more messages.

Finally, after five, I then headed in error to Richard’s house. I was there at 6:20ish and discovered my mistake–I was thirty minutes early. It was great to see him, and he was upset I got the days mixed up as I had driven to Portland. It was a perfect day, and the traffic on the bridge let me enjoy the view of Mt. Hood. I was also surprised by my emotions; I nearly cried when I saw Richard.

Tomorrow we will meet, and just he and I will play a game. My emotions should be back under control by then, and I hope to crush him–I seldom beat Richard. I will pick up the figures.

I bought a case to hold paints. There are many repeats as sets are the cheapest paints.

I drove back, enjoying the trip. I did stop by Guardian Games in Portland. No game or brushes got my attention.

It was a wonderful drive and the sun above the Coastal Mountains was breath-taking on Highway 26 also called the Sunset Highway.

I had some caregiving moments this later evening so all of this is running a bit late and rushed. Sorry!

29,262 people received vaccinations in Oregon yesterday. The previous counts also increased into the near-record levels. It is likely this value will increase as it takes 72 hours to post all the counts.

The deaths in the USA today are 952 from Covid-19. I remember my shock a year ago at the huge spike we had in 2020 in March-April-May, double the current rate of deaths. Let us hope that this rate will decrease.

I went with All Creatures Great and Small. I liked the theme version.




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